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Ketogenic Diet Success Stories become the benchmark of many people, especially those on a diet! Anyone who has a problem with their weight or who feels their weight is annoying always make the diet as the main way to reduce or eliminate most of the weight they have?

But did they succeed? Most people just talk when they want to go on a diet without any action they actually do to reduce their weight. The absence of motivation and lack of desire and self-discipline then any type of diet will never be successful.

The key to Ketogenic Diet Success Stories itself is intent, but if we only intend without taking action definitely eating the diet itself becomes just a blank word that will never come true. If diet intent and action has been done eating consistency and discipline is the key that you should be able to maintain.

When you have a diet but you are easily tempted and not disciplined to do so your diet will only be a waste of activity without any significant results. There are so many people who talk that they will go on a diet but how many people have succeeded?

Diet not only serves to lower your body mass but also improve body health. If our body is already in excessive weight or can be called obesity then, many things that harm will happen to us.

one small example is we will be difficult to do activities because the size of the body is too big or heavy then we will find it difficult and heavy just to just lift the body this would be bad for our health. Another thing, of course, difficult to find clothes that fit the size of our bodies.

Both women and men we want to show the best things and interesting views by others but, what if it cannot be done because of our excess weight so that the clothes we want to wear cannot be used. Therefore, we must want to maintain and act for our health by diet. Here we will discuss ketogenic diet success stories how to go about it.

Some Ketogenic Diet Success Stories Inspires Me

Some people have experienced diet success using the ketogenic diet method. Here are some ketogenic diet success stories that are delivered in a nutshell to help you to be more motivated so that your determination to go on a diet is true and not just a mere whim.

Some of the top celebrities in the world have also experienced the success of diets using the ketogenic method. According to some of them have excessive weight to complicate herself in doing the job so that he felt the need to lose weight effects that cause them to gain weight is because it is a hobby of eating and the effects of childbirth that makes it up to 35 kg.

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Usually, the success of the diet is also supported by persistence and support of the surrounding people to successfully lose weight up to 13kg or more! one of the recommended drinks while on a ketogenic diet is green tea.

One other story is gleaned from a makeup artist as well as a housewife. She has managed to lose her weight up to 11kg at first, she never thought to go on a diet or weight reduction because she felt that her body was not too big.

but when he wanted to travel by plane, a stewardess questioned the health condition of she supposedly pregnant mother, torn she felt uncomfortable with the statement, but it was considered as a last angina. When he met his old friend they instantly asked the same question as the one asked by the flight attendant he had met before.

Since that time, she felt had to reduce her weight and go on a diet. she has done many different types of dietary methods from the mayo diet, diet Gm, diet can as well as exercise but nothing can significantly reduce weight significantly. Then one of her friends suggested her to do the ketogenic diet method and now she manages to lose her weight. she consumes foods that contain lots of vegetable fats such as red meat, cheese, seafood, etc.


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How I Finally Survive to Have Ketogenic Diet Success Stories

After reading ketogenic diet success stories do you feel motivated to do and feel the changes that you will feel if you do this diet method? If you already feel confident then the following are the steps you can do to implement ketogenic diet.

  1. Consult with a nutritionist to find the best menu for those of you who are just starting this diet.
  2. Start slowly to adapt your body that has changed energy sources.
  3. Note how many calories you have in your body to record so you can review the foods you have eaten
  4. Discipline and firm on the establishment is the key to the success of this diet.
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The Effects of a Ketogenic Diet

From ketogenic diet success stories, we can certainly see the effects of success experienced by them after a ketogenic diet but do you also know this diet also has other side effects that may be a little surprising for beginners.

  1. The effect that may be immediately visible is Keto-flu, this effect will occur because our body has a sugar reduction because we have lived for many years by eating them. Our body will feel weak, lethargic and cold but this effect will not last long only about 3-10 days.
  2. Another effect caused by keto diet is the smell of our breath that changed. Because the amount of fat consumption causes fat burning results are converted into energy partially discharged through the breath so that our breath will usually smell like the smell of acetone.
  3. Loss of appetite and nausea, diarrhea and vomiting This effect will appear on your body due to too much-eating fat and you are not used to it.

Ketogenic Diet Success Stories before after male


How to Overcome the Emerging Effects When Living A Ketogenic Diet

We already know the effects of diet using ketogenic diet method but you should not back down and just give up because people who have experienced ketogenic diet success stories would also have experienced this effect but they can succeed and survive. The above effects also have easily resolved ways:

  1. To overcome keto-flu, you can drink lots of water to increase the intake of minerals in your body can also consume fat and coconut oil to speed up your body as the energy.
  2. To eliminate the breath, you can chew betel leaf. Sounds like ancient times but this way is powerful enough to overcome the smell of acetone on your breath.
  3. To overcome nausea, you can eat moderately and not too much. As for overcoming your diarrhea you can fast and drink for 3 hours and let your body naturally balance hormones and minerals.


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