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How to become a bodybuilder – The IFBB and NPC have become outstanding organizations that routinely promote competition bodybuilding sport across the nation and the world.


The organization provides a framework that eventually inspired the young people are doing to take the step and start their journey into bodybuilding.


But what it takes to truly become a pro bodybuilder at young age? In addition to the hard work of course personal attitudes that continue to want to advance and improve the ability to bring you from a beginner being increased at the stage of the pro. There is no champion without hard work, discipline, and support from those who know the way to the pros.

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What to do before you start?


We pass along the warning publicly that to become a pro in addition to hard work you should come with talent because this will ease you from beginners to become pro. But we aren’t here to tell you whether you are naturally good enough or not – so let’s move forward.


Get a professional card


To become an IFBB Pro bodybuilder IFBB Pro card should get. To get the card, bodybuilders must win the heavyweight competition of regional level, so that bodybuilders would get an invitation to the National Championship. Depending on the Federation, if you win the overall champion in the contest you will get the card IFBB Pro.


So how do you become a Pro bodybuilder?


Okay, so you think you have the genetics, work ethic, and the drive-and now you know that you need a pro card.


where do you start?


Experience is the key word here. You can work out in the gym more than anyone in the world but you need to get experience from amateur and local experience to begin building the first hand with posing and judge.

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You need to build relationships with sponsors so you get an extensive network to support you becoming a bodybuilder.


This experience will help you develop skills in the less glamorous side of bodybuilding – shave your body, oiling and tanning evenly. The kind of stuff you might not think about when you’re pumping iron at the gym.


You will also slowly began to understand how your body reacts to Diet and stress in the relationship with the competition itself. You will begin to look like you know what you are doing. You will gain confidence. You will get other people to gain your trust.


Where the NPC?


NPC is a United States organization affiliated with IFBB pro card and an award to the winner in the category of heavyweight and super heavyweight.


There are three contests organized by where you can obtain the card pro NPC: The National Championship, the North American Championships, and the USA Championships.


To get into one of those competitions you should do one of two things: the place of the big five in the national qualification (this gets You an invitation to a North American Championship) or place the top three in the national qualification (this takes you to the United States and the National Contest).


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Almost there …


All right, so now you’re in the top three NPC competition and hungry for a pro card. You can practically see right in front of you. So how do you get that card in one of these Championships?

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Today, we focus solely on male bodybuilding Division. Here are the details that easily:


Who gets the card Pro


USA Championships:

Female Bodybuilding – the winner of the all-heavyweight 7.

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North American Championships:

The winner of the overall Master bodybuilding for men 35, over 40 and over 50.

Top 3 placers in the overall men’s bodybuilding from the open and Masters figure over 35


National Championship:

Female bodybuilding – the top 2 in each weight class 7


Compete with the best in the world


Congrats. You do it. You are now officially a pro bodybuilder. You now have the opportunity to compete with the best in the world. How to become a bodybuilder Now that you are pressing the pro, you can certainly compete in the pros. If you place first in one of the contests IFBB Pro you are automatically qualified to compete in the Mr. Olympia. If you put between 2 and 5 in the pro you will be rewarded points. At the end of the season, athletes with the most points qualify to compete in the Mr. Olympia. On top of that, the top 5 in Olympia last year automatically qualified to compete in the next year.

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