Can You Drink Alcohol on A Ketogenic Diet?

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can you have alcohol on ketosis diet

Can You Drink Alcohol on A Ketogenic Diet? This is often a question that appears in a row of ketogenic diet themed keywords. Naturally, eliminating the habit of drinking alcohol as hard as eliminating the habit of snoring during sleep.

Alcohol is a drink made from a large amount of ethanol that count the gains psychoactive ingredients. This psychoactive material can result in loss of self-awareness if consumed in excess Lamothe units. In other countries alcohol is usually used to warm the body due to extreme weather but not only warm the body of alcohol is also often used by people to relieve their stress due to effects of loss of self-awareness caused by alcoholic beverages.

In many countries, there are certain age limits that are allowed to consume alcoholic drinks. In addition to psychoactive substances, alcoholic beverages also contain carbohydrates, because these drinks in ferments using materials that contain high carbohydrates. High levels of alcohol in a drink depending on the duration of fermentation, if a drink is fermented within 1-2 weeks then the beverage can contain 3-8% alcohol and then if fermented for the longest time like months then, the level of alcohol content drinks can reach 7-18%.

Although, has a high alcohol content and alcohol awareness effects remain in great demand by some circles. Usually, alcohol use while doing a gathering with friends and add fun atmosphere when we gathered. So, what if you’re on a ketogenic diet? As already mentioned alcohol has a carbohydrate content in it. While running a ketogenic diet we should avoid carbohydrate consumption so, can you drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet? this question we will answer in the discussion below.


Can You Drink Alcohol on A Ketogenic Diet

Can you drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet? this question may be questioned by someone who is running ketogenic diet. The beverage made from fermented foods containing high carbohydrates such as wheat, corn and other agricultural materials. Although fermented using foods containing high carbohydrate levels, not all alcoholic drinks have high carbohydrate levels. Here are some alcoholic drinks with low carbohydrate content.

While undergoing ketogenic, diet, as well as other dietary methods. This diet method has its own rules. If you are an alcoholic, it would be difficult to eliminate this habit. What’s more in the cold weather, it’s like having to warm up with alcohol. There are some alcohols that can match with the ketogenic diet. Among them is alcohol that does not contain many carbohydrates and sugar.

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As users, we should be more selective in choosing foods and beverages we consume while undergoing ketogenic diet.

  1. Champagne, a drink made of wine. The famous Champagne has a very high price. Because to produce the original champagne we have to make it in the area of champagne, northern France. The planting of grapes to make champagne cannot be planted because there are some special rules that must be obeyed to plant this grape type. Carbohydrate in this beverage is only 1 gram of the amount of 100gr serving.
  2. Wine is a beverage made from fermented grapes that are silenced for several weeks to years to get perfect taste. Wine is divided into 2 types with wine and red wine. The most significant difference between the two types of wine is the color. Wine contains 2 grams of carbohydrate in a 100gr serving.
  3. Whiskey, this one alcoholic beverage of various fermented grains. Although made from ingredients with the carbohydrate content of this drink does not contain gluten and carbohydrate.
  4. Martini, this drink is made from a combination of two alcoholic beverages namely gin and vermouth. Serving of this drink usually uses olive or pieces of lemon. Although made from 2 types of beverages, martini does not contain carbohydrates in its presentation.

Some of the above alcoholic beverages have low carb content to have no carb content. Can you drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet with drink above? You can indeed consume the above beverages because of the low carb content that is in the drink. However, you should know is the alcohol in our body processed through the liver to eliminate alcohol levels in the body. When we run ketogenic diet, the liver will be busy processing fat become ketones so that the process of neutralizing alcohol in the body will take a long time so it will cause adverse effects on our body because of alcohol content that undergoes with too long process. Therefore, alcohol can be consumed but not in large quantities.

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Alcohol with High Carb

Question about can you drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet has been answered in the discussion above. If the drinks above contain low carb levels then the drinks we will discuss this time is a drink with high carb content so that consumption should be greatly avoided.

  1. Beer is a beverage made from malt or better known as barley seed which in add. Making these beverages just like any other alcohol beverage is through the fermentation process. Carbohydrate content contained in this drink is quite high and varying in some beer with 1-3 gr carb levels but there is also a beer that contains up to 14 grams carb in 100gr serving. In addition to its alcohol effects carbohydrate content in it makes beer is not recommended for consumption during the diet ketogenic.
  2. Sake is alcoholic drink from Japan made from fermented rice. Alcohol content owned by this beverage is quite high, reaching 16%. With a high enough alcohol content makes a person who consumes sake will quickly lose consciousness. In addition to the high alcohol content of sake made from rice also has a high carbohydrate level is 5 gr from the presentation of 100gr.

Soju, if Japanese have sake then Korea has soju. The initial concept of making soju is a little same with sake, which uses fermented rice, but the difference lies in making soju not only glued to rice but can use potato, wheat, sweet potato or tapioca as fermentation material. Alcohol content contained in soju is higher than sake that can reach 40% with carbohydrate content reaching 17gr.

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