Cyclic Ketogenic Diet for Body Shape

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Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet is a summarize of People who are usually intense to require to lose weight. In addition to losing weight, there are also people who want the body. With ketogenic diet method, you can do a drastic weight loss.

How is keto diet cycle? Basically, a ketogenic diet is a way to lose weight, why is this than on other dietary methods? Because orangutans prefer to choose this diet method to help lose weight, of course in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

This diet method is known to be very sadistic, why? Because in this diet we are not allowed at all to consume carbohydrates. Then what about the energy source we get? This does not mean that we do not consume any energy sources at all, but we only get used to treating fat as our only source of energy as a substitute for energy sources from carbohydrates. You need to underline, that this diet generally reaps a lot of bad effects at first, but if the body is used, then the metabolism will change by itself.

Are dietary ketogenic methods can help build muscle? The answer is yes, a method called cyclic ketogenic diet in which this method is used for people who want to shape muscle mass in the body. the ketogenic diet has a different method than the usual ketogenic diet method. What are the different methods? In this discussion, we will discuss more cyclizing ketogenic diet and what are the benefits for your body.

How Can a Pregnant Woman Have Cyclic Ketogenic Diet?

In the usual ketogenic diet method, we resist minimizing the possible consumption of carbohydrates. But unlike the cyclic in ketogenic diet in which we can spend 1-2 days for as many carbohydrates or the term refill carbohydrates in the body.

Within 7 days cyclic in the ketogenic diet we use 5 days to do intensive muscle training exercises without carbohydrate mother, then on the day, you choose you can refill the carbohydrates in your body.

To start the cyclic ketogenic diet method, you cannot start it directly, slowly you should be able to adapt your body first by going on a regular ketogenic diet for 1-2 weeks. The usual ketogenic diet method can help your body to adapt in order to perform heavy activities without the energy of excess carbohydrates from fat. Or in other words, you exercise on an empty stomach.

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To create a small ketogenic diet successfully create a schedule where you have to do intensive body building activities and where your day to rest and recharge your body using carbohydrates.

Usually people will exercise lightly to reduce carbohydrates in the body on day 1, then do intense exercise by dividing the focus on different body fat, on days 2 and 3 you can focus on your upper body than on your 4th day can focus on the bottom of your body and on the 5th day you do exercise for your whole body with exhausted energy available because on the day of the 6th and 7th you can withstand carbohydrates On the 7th day you should not be banned from carbohydrates after more than 6 hours .

In doing sports body shape you can choose the part of my body that you want to form. If you want to integrate with the lower body you can multiply the exercise on that part of the body.

Sports That Helps You When Doing Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Cyclic ketogenic diet is focused on people who want to shape their body by adding muscle mass or just to tighten the muscles of the body to look healthy. In doing cyclic ketogenic diet you can exercise like cardio to dilute all carbohydrates in the body and start using fat burning as a source of energy and lose weight.

If you want to build your upper body you can do push-ups, sit ups, or lift barbells to form your biceps muscles and a focused sports movement for the upper body. If you want to form your lower body you can do a squat jump, up and down stairs, or do a kick motion to get your lower body muscles strong.

For maximum results, you can do the exercise for 30 -60 minutes on a regular basis to get maximum results and of course will shape your body according to your wishes.

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Foods That You Should Eat When Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

In doing ketogenic diet cyclic you must be able to choose the appropriate meal so that your energy is not drained away by your training. Although at the time of doing Ketogenic Diet Cyclic you have time to eat carbohydrates. You still need to choose the type of carbohydrate that suits you and have a low sugar content.

For the choice of carbohydrates, you can eat oatmeal or foods containing wheat, for rice choice you can eat brown rice, while for tubers you can drop your choice on sweet potatoes, you can also use peas as a choice of your carbohydrate intake. When doing a ketogenic diet cyclic in the evening you can fill your energy by eating protein bar to just increase your energy. Eating meat is certainly in need to get the fat you make energy during Cyclic Ketogenic Diet.

Foods to avoid when performing Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Foods that you should avoid when doing cyclic ketogenic diet is almost the same as the foods you avoid when using the usual ketogenic diet method. You are certainly prohibited to eat foods with high carbohydrate and sugar content such as bread, chocolate, biscuits, and sweet drinks that can increase sugar levels in your body.

Eat fruit you should choose to not eat fruit with high sugar content. Also avoid foods with sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and maple syrup. A sweetener is usually widely used for food companion; therefore, you should be able to carefully and discipline yourself to avoid the consumption of sweet foods.

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