Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Food List What to Eat or Not

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cyclical ketogenic diet food list food list for cyclical ketogenic diet cyclical ketogenic diet grocery list

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Food List I researched below is based from some articles I read and experiences of my ketogenic diet. Maybe it will be useful for your starter of doing ketogenic diet. What do you do when you want to lose weight? People usually will go on a diet when they feel their weight is excessive. Then how does the diet work?

But what you need to know diet is about changing habit, changing habit into a good way, in this ketogenic diet we change our habit to make our metabolism do the fat burning as your source of energy. Diet is to consume certain foods based on the specified method. When you are on a diet you cannot consume arbitrary food because it will have side effects on your body. Consumption of food in the original will not make your weight down. With a diet type, the amount and type of your food is arranged in such a way as to balance the needs and help you to lose weight.

Do you know where your diet comes from? It turns out that the diet has existed since ancient Egypt, in ancient times the ancient Egyptians used water and apple vinegar as the intake they consume to lose weight. After that, the diet is increasingly until now. With the many types of diets and certain methods sometimes make us confused to choose what type of diet that we will use. One of the most popular diets is the ketogenic diet. This diet is actually used for people with epilepsy but it turns out this diet is also able to help someone lose weight so this diet is becoming increasingly popular diet method.

There are 3 types of ketogenic diets: Standard Ketogenic diet, Targeted Ketogenic diet, and Cyclic Ketogenic diet. The three types of ketogenic diets have the same concept of reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. Then what is the difference between the three types of diets? If the ketogenic diet is only allowed to limit the carbohydrate intake to 20 g / day, then on targeted ketogenic diet we may increase the carbo intake to 50gr / day but we have to do intense exercise to burn the carbo intake. In cyclic ketogenic diet, this method uses pattern 5-2 where within 5 days you have to do intense exercise with carbo intake of 20gr / day but 2 days afterwards you are allowed to consume carb as much as you like. Then how do we manage the food when doing Cyclic Ketogenic diet? in this discussion we will discuss more about cyclical ketogenic diet food list.

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Food List for Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – Food You Should Eat

Doing diet cyclical ketogenic diet, we cannot use the method directly because; if we use this diet method directly then our body will be shocked and drop. Therefore, to do dietary cyclical ketogenic diet we are required to do standard ketogenic diet for 1 week to adapt body with new metabolism system. There are 3 goals in implementing Cyclical ketogenic diet. If you intend to increase muscle mass then the number of calories you need is 18 calories per pound of body weight. If you want to lose weight then the calories you need 12 calories per pound of your body weight, then if you want to maintain weight then your calorie consumption is 15 calories per pound of your weight. Here is a cyclical ketogenic diet food grocery list.

  1. Meat, fat intake in the process of ketogenic diet is necessary. Meat is a food with the highest fat content. You are free to choose any meat consumption when doing ketogenic diet. Beef, fish, chicken, turkey, etc. but do not forget to see the nutritional content in meat, because meat have a lot of protein in it, the meat protein consumption in this diet method is also limited.
  2. Vegetables, because the consumption of carbohydrates are very restricted you can only consume vegetables as carbohydrate replacement because in vegetables there are carbohydrates, although only a little but carbohydrates are still needed for our bodies. vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, etc.
  3. Dairy and cheese, dairy and cheese contain high fat so good for executor of ketogenic diet. Choose milk and cheese with high fat content in order to help the fat intake required ketogenic diet.
  4. Seasoning, spices that you can use such as almond oil, olive oil, parsley, rosemary, salt, pepper. Spices you can use to add flavor to your food so as not to bland and become more delicious.
  5. Fruit and nuts, not all fruits you can consume during a ketogenic diet because the fruit contains high sugar. The fruits you can consume during a ketogenic diet are just berries and avocados. For other snacks you can consume nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. but you are not allowed to consume red beans, green beans, and peas. Because the carbohydrate content in it is very high.
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Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Food List Food Should Not Eat.

During the Cyclic Ketogenic diet your food is greatly restricted for 5 days because the restriction of carbohydrate intake and sugar that should not enter exceeds the capacity specified for the ketogenic diet that we carry out successfully. Here is a meal that you are prohibited from consumption.

  1. Bread, bread made from flour so it contains many carbohydrates that are not allowed in running ketogenic diet.
  2. Rice, potato, sweet potato, and cassava including carbohydrate source so we have to stay away from this one food.
  3. Fruit, as mentioned above, fruits are strictly prohibited during a ketogenic diet because of the sugar content they contain.
  4. Fruit-flavored drinks, avoid consuming a flavored drink because of high sugar levels.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Food List foods above cannot be consumed during a ketogenic diet. But when you apply cyclic ketogenic diet then for 2 days you can freely consume the food above. But after that you have to do the exercises with a very intense to burn all the carbohydrates in the body.



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