Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan You Can Follow

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cyclical ketogenic diet meal plan easy serve

Doing a cyclical ketogenic diet meal plan? Here are why you should do this! A ketogenic diet is a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet. This diet is well known for its rapidly losing weight. Diet in the keto diet encourages the body in ketosis, so the way the body uses fuel to produce energy changes. There are four kinds of diets: standard ketogenic diet (SKD), high protein ketogenic diet, targeted Ketogenic diet (TKD), and cyclic ketogenic diet (CKD).

SKD is the most common, where daily intake of nutrients is 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% fat. High protein ketogenic diets are almost the same as SKD, only the proportion of fat is reduced to 60% and protein increases to 35%, while carbohydrates remain. TKD is a keto diet that allows you to consume carbohydrates during exercise. Then what about the keto diet cyclical? What kind of cyclical ketogenic diet meal plan can you follow?

What Is A Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan?

The ketogenic diet cycle is a ketogenic diet where five or six days a week you follow a standard ketogenic diet with exercise 3 times, while one or two days the rest you may consume carbohydrates and do not have to exercise. Carbohydrates that enter the body for one or two days allow you to save some carbohydrate energy for diet preparation next week, helping you save energy for your workouts, preventing the body from becoming hungry easily during standard dietary ketogenic days. This is fun because you get two days off to be able to consume carbohydrates.

This cyclic ketogenic diet arises because many people who follow a standard ketogenic diet have problems with their stomach and digestion. Generally, when a standard ketogenic diet, the stomach often feels bloated after eating and experiencing constipation.

To follow this cyclic ketogenic diet, you cannot carelessly start. You have to perform an induction phase for 10-14 days where you have to go on a standard ketogenic diet until the body reaches keto-adaptation. Then after that, you may have five or six days of standard ketogenic diet and one or two days free of carbohydrates. You may think the body will not go into ketosis if you consume carbohydrates. But not to worry, you will not lose keto-adaptation because you have passed the induction phase. This allows your body to maintain homeostasis and will not cause metabolic changes easily.

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Benefits of Doing Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

The ketogenic diet is as useful as the standard ketogenic diet. It’s just that on a cyclic ketogenic diet you will get some benefits that will not be obtained from a standard ketogenic diet. Some of the benefits that you get from this cyclic ketogenic diet include making the body healthy again, improving the substances in the body, restoring the medical conditions you may have, preventing and treating diabetes, protecting you from cancer, tumors, and other diseases, increasing age length and life span, burn as much fat as desired, heal the intestines and improve hormones, start building muscles, give the body plenty of energy, always feel full and overwhelming, do not feel lack of food or essential nutrients, and you can eat delicious food until satisfied.

Well, a lot of benefits that you can get, right? Then, what can you consume during this diet?

cyclical ketogenic diet meal plan

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Menu

In keto diet, you have to consume a lot of superfoods. What is the superfood? Superfood is a term to describe foods rich in nutrients in them. Here is a cyclic ketogenic diet plan that you can follow:


  • Morning = Coffee Keto Superfood
  • Lunch = 1-2 servings of Smoothie Superfood (find the recipe) and ½ cup mixed beans

(fasting 24 hours to next day)


  • Morning: Keto Superfood Coffee
  • Lunch: 1-2 servings of Superfood Smoothie and ½ cup mixed beans
  • Night: You can make your own healthy keto food (look for the recipe)


  • Morning: Keto Superfood Coffee
  • Lunch: 1-2 servings of Superfood Smoothie and ½ cup mixed beans

(Fasting 24 hours to next day)


  • Morning: Keto Superfood Coffee
  • Lunch: 1-2 servings of Superfood Smoothie and ½ cup mixed beans
  • Night: You can eat salad with the protein sources like grilled chicken or tofu


  • Morning: Keto Superfood Coffee
  • Lunch: 1-2 servings of Superfood Smoothie and ½ cup mixed beans
  • Night: You can eat a cheeseburger or shrimp/chicken/shrimp.
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  • eat Pizza or Barbeque, or whatever you want because today can consume carbohydrates.


  • Consume whatever you want because today can consume carbohydrates.

Another rule when undergoing ketogenic diet plan you have to do is the amount of fiber consumption contained in green vegetables such as lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables. The vegetable support that you can eat others is asparagus, zucchini, bean sprouts, mushrooms, green beans, and carrots. For types of fats other than those in the meat, you can also add fat by using olive oil, butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, mayonnaise, and almond oil.

If you often feel bored because you cannot enjoy snack carelessly you can make a healthy snack yourself. You can make a slice ham smeared with cheese or mayonnaise and rolled using lettuce. Or you can make a snack of boiled eggs that are cut and then mixed with mayonnaise. There are many other snacks that you can mix matching using the food we have suggested.

Remember, during this cyclic ketogenic diet you should only consume carbohydrates for one or two days, should not be more! the rest for five or six days you go back to a standard ketogenic diet where the intake of carbohydrates only slightly and multiply the fat consumption. Do not miss also regular exercise 3 times during the standard ketogenic diet. When a ketogenic diet cycle, a day or two carbohydrates, you still have to be careful. Do not let you eat too many carbohydrates. Simply consume, do not overdo it.

Such is the cyclical ketogenic diet meal plan that you can follow. Good luck, do not give up, and good luck!

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