Did Precious Lose Weight and What Is Her Secret Weight Loss Program?

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Those who watched the movie in 2009 may have the same question: “Did Precious lose weight?” Movie enthusiasts may recognize the Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe, as a sexual abuse victim who is obese from the movie. The critically acclaimed movie was a massive success, and despite being a newcomer, her incredible performance catapulted her fame.

Gabourey Sidibe has always been an icon both as an actress and an individual. Her performance in Precious did not only contribute to her fame, but also earned her an Oscar nomination. But perhaps what sets her apart is who she is at the core. Working in the industry where beauty standards have always been a priority, Sidibe became a refreshing figure.

From the very beginning, she has always been unapologetic about her appearance. She has always made it a point to love and embrace her body, and the public has always loved her for that. But if there is one thing about her that many do not understand, it’s her realization that she has to change. Sidibe realizes that her obesity is not good for her health.

Quietly dropping the pounds

The star has recently been seen hitting the red carpet and reemerged in the spotlight. Her first appearance after a long while is in a Los Angeles event in 2016. Being one of the most awaited guest at Glamour Women of the Year, the leading actress appeared looking noticeably slimmer. Yes, Gabourey Sidibe is no longer as heavy as she used to be.

This dramatic change in her appearance surprises the public. Many quickly applaud her for her successful weight loss, while the rest want to get the recipe of her weight loss. At the time, the talented actress did not publicly address her weight loss journey to the public. But she clearly looked happier and healthier than ever.

Sidibe was a psychology major at the time of audition. But a close friend convinced her to audition for the role, she believed that Sidibe was destined to be Precious. Sidibe finally relented and went to audition for the role she thought she would never get, but her friend was right. This showed that her obesity has never been a negative factor in her success. With talent like that, the rest takes the backseat.

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But ultimately, her health became her main focus. Yes, Gabourey Sidibe that we all know and love may be an icon for self-acceptance. But who would have thought that at the same time, she was also struggling with her health? Yes, at her heaviest during her audition, the actress weighed 350-pounds. This extreme obesity led her to a series of health issues.

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The secret to her weight loss

“Did Precious lose weight?” She made it a point in her moving speech and her memoir. Being obese in Hollywood may have been tough, but her dress size has never had anything to do with self-love. She has always tried to love her body despite being made fun of repeatedly. But the day she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, she decided it was time to make a change.

Back in 2013, the actress decided to she would go under calorie restriction in order to lose one pound per day. By taking off 500-calories from her daily calorie intake, se managed to lose 50-pounds in roughly a year. Now in 2017, she has lost a whopping 180-pounds which is undeniably an incredible accomplishment. But how did she manage to do it?

Those who are looking for a secret may very well be disappointed. Yes, Sidibe commented that to lose weight you must exercise and completely change your diet. Her struggle with weight loss might have started long before her big break in Hollywood, but nothing worked. She admitted that her lifestyle and eating habit was not exactly healthy.

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To change it, she decided to do what she had never done before. As results, her lifestyle change and now healthy eating habit helped her jumpstart her weight loss. She started by avoiding drinking soda and processed food, then she gradually reduced her sugar and salt intake. Sidibe also timed and resized her meal portions. Evidently eating light every 3-hours using small plate as guidance worked wonders.

Once she had gotten used to her new lifestyle and eating plan, she added an exercise program into her routine. Low impact cardiovascular exercise combined with core exercises for thirty minutes is done three times a week. The exercises consist of squats, lat pull down, lunges, barbell curl, and many more. This combination helps her burn calories without stressing her joints.

Fearful about the fatal consequences of her Type 2 Diabetes, Gabby decided to undergo Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Schwack explained that this particular procedure removed as much as 80-percent of her stomach. It helped control her appetite and weight loss, helping her lose more than she could possible do without surgery. So that is the answer to our collective “Did Precious lose weight?” questions, ready to give it a try?


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