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Dominic D Agostino Ketogenic DietDominic D Agostino Ketogenic Diet is a way of diet, Dominic D Agostino is a cancer research graduate of the University of South Florida. Dom conducted a study that developed and tested nutritional and metabolic therapies for neurological and cancer disorders. In his research he used nutrition as a healing modality with high fat intake and low carbohydrates.

Dominic D Agostino Ketogenic Diet This diet is proven to accelerate weight loss, improve endurance performance in athletes and control some types of diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Over the past four years, Dom laboratories have investigated the use of ketogenic diets to prevent epileptic seizures and “starvation” of cancer.

Dominic D Agostino Ketogenic Diet Acknowledgment

The body, including the brain, has two main fuel sources, namely glucose and ketones. Glucose comes from carbohydrates and sugars, whereas ketones come from fat. So, in the body, there is two burning status, namely burning glucose and fat burning (called ketosis).

The human body can only store a small amount of glucose and run out quickly when the body burns it to produce energy. That is why if you eat foods that contain high glucose, you will be hungry fast. Conversely, fat contains many calories that allow you to satiate longer and can hold your appetite better.

There is a difference you should know about fat burning mode (ketosis) and keto-adaptation. In the fat burning, mode means the body is ready to burn fat. This means your body will destroy the fat, carry the ketone effectively to the brain and muscles, and convert the ketone into energy.

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Then when the body remains in a longer ketosis condition, the body begins to adapt to keto which can eventually create more fat-burning enzymes, increase the number of carriers that transfer the ketone to the organ, increase the number of mitochondria, and increase the efficiency of the mitochondria to make energy in your body.

In his research, Dom stated that ketogenic diet can replace chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. This is because almost all healthy cells in the human body have the flexibility of metabolism to use fat, glucose and ketones to survive.

Meanwhile, cancer cells do not have the same metabolic flexibility and require large amounts of glucose. This makes the cancer cells unable to survive in the body with ketosis conditions. That is why by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates can reduce glucose and insulin. This can make the body limit the main fuel for the growth of cancer cells. Then how-to menu keto diet recommended?

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Dominic D Agostino Ketogenic Diet menu plan

Dom every day only eat twice a day. He eats three times only when trying to gain weight. Here is the usual eating menu consumed by Dom.

Breakfast: In the morning Dom only consume coffee which is usually mixed with ghee powder or MCT in it. It becomes breakfast menu about 2-3 times a week. Breakfast on other days Dom usually consume eggs, sardines, oysters, and / vegetables.

Dinner: Almost every night Dom consumes a salad consisting of several kinds of vegetables in it. Do not forget Dom also added extra virgin olive oil to the salad. For protein, he usually eats fish. In addition, Dom also often consume cauliflower, mashed potatoes and avocado with marine salt seasoning.

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Late night snack: Dom consumes keto snack late at night. The usual snack he consumes is keto ice cream which consists of the ½ sour cream and ½ coconut cream. Ice cream taste he changed every night. In addition, Dom also sometimes consume chocolate powder, blueberry, and a pinch of stevia.

Thus, the explanation of Dominic D Agostino Ketogenic Diet. Dom more emphasis this diet for cancer treatment. But even so, in the application of this diet can also be used as a diet method to lose weight. Are you interested to try it out?

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