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Are you one of those who wonder about How to lose weight in one day? For majority of people, this may not be a logical thing to do – more so when you are obese. However, if you’re one those who are looking for ways to look your best overnight, this is possible to achieve. Perhaps you have an important event? Or perhaps you have a tight-fitting dress to wear tonight. Whichever the case, this article is for you.

Does this mean you cannot lose weight in one day if you are obese? Depending on how overweight you are, this most likely not the best route to do it. Not only losing more than 20-pounds in one day is an impossible feat, it is also incredibly dangerous. However, take solace that those under obese category may lose 3-pounds a day in a healthy way. Over time, you will definitely reach your ideal weight.

Regardless of which category you fall under, we have the solution. But before we dig deeper into the solution, let’s talk about the wonder that is the human body. Extremely obese people may easily lose up to 5-pounds a day with caloric deficit and active lifestyle, but what about us? People who are 5 to 10-pounds above their ideal body weight may find it challenging.

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Understanding how weight loss occurs

Weight loss in a broad term, there are quite a few factors that affect weight loss. Yes, losing weight may occur when there is loss of fat, muscle, and even water. Those who are aiming for a sustainable weight loss and keeping the excess weight off their body should focus on fat loss. This, as we all expected, takes longer than weight loss because of water and muscle loss.

Healthy weight loss is one that occurs due to fat loss. It typically goes at the rate of 0.25-pound on a daily basis. Losing that amount of weight everyday will lead to a total of 2-pounds of weight loss per week. Another type of weight loss is muscle atrophy. As its name suggests, this particular weight loss is due to muscle loss.

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Muscle atrophy may take several weeks to be noticeable. The main factor behind it is that the person in question doesn’t use their muscles for a period of time. But that is not the only factor that causes muscle atrophy. An individual may lose muscles when they do not have the sufficient nutrient to maintain their muscles. This is most noticeable in athletes or people who lift weights.

Last but not least, weight loss due to loss of water. The fact that the human body consists of 60-percent water makes this one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Dehydration and sweating becomes two of the most common factors of this type of weight loss. As results, our bodyweight may fluctuate quite wildly on a daily basis.

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A little precaution

With the definition above, losing water weight becomes the best solution for those looking for How to lose weight in one day. By decreasing our water intake and sweating, you may lose up to 20-pounds in a week. Athletes such as boxers and weightlifters regularly do this weight loss method before a competition. This method is done meticulously to make sure they stay in their body weight class.

By now you may be wondering how to go about it. After all if these athletes can do it safely, you know you will be able to do so as well. And you are absolutely right about it! However, if there is one thing that you must take precaution on, it’s the fact that it doesn’t last. Yes, this type of weight loss is by far the fastest one, but it comes with a drawback. You can easily regain the weight by hydrating and carb-loading.

Before we start, let’s make it clear that the end result may be different from one person to another. To lose more water weight, be sure that your body retains considerable amount of water to begin with. After all the focus here is not to completely deplete water off your body. But rather, to remove as much excess water as possible.

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How to lose weight in just one day

The day before you start, you should limit and watch your sodium intake. Sodium is a type of mineral that has the tendency to retain the most water in your body. To understand the effect it has, in 400-milligrams of sodium typically retain 2-pounds of weight. By limiting sodium intake, you will see a drop of 2 to 5-pounds overnight. To do this, you must consume salt-free snack and food.

Next is to eat a massive helping of watermelon the night before. The fact that watermelon has high water content makes it a great natural diuretic choice. Almost immediately you will drop as much as 5-pounds from it alone. Another thing you have to keep in mind is to limit your water intake. In addition, sleep with your legs in a higher position than your heart. Ready to give these How to lose weight in one day steps a try?

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