Foods to Eat on The Ketogenic Diet Recommendation

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Foods to Eat on The Ketogenic Diet

What Foods to Eat on The Ketogenic Diet? Limited food that you can consume while on a diet is boring from the side of the taste and the side view. Therefore, sometimes we need a compliment which can make our food taste better. Sauces and sweeteners are additions that can create amazing flavor variants in our diet.

hearing the word diet, most people would have been quite not interested in this. but on the contrary, ketogenic diet actually offers the heaven of diet. Why? this diet other than other methods of diet that are very torturing for our body, the hunger that continuously will not you feel in this method of diet.

in a ketogenic diet, you may think that this diet is an unhealthy method. but it is all denied that there is a claim that ketogenic diets actually alter our metabolism by burning fat to be a source of energy since there is no major source of energy from the carbohydrates we eat.

But not all sauce and sweeteners can be mixed with our food mix. For those who are on a ketogenic diet, carbohydrate levels contained in the sauce and sweetener should be considered. Limitations of carbohydrate intake in ketogenic diet method become a very sensitive thing so we must know correctly every amount of carbohydrate that enters in our body. In the discussion this time we will discuss more the sauce and sweeteners that you can use as a complement to the foods to eat on the ketogenic diet.

Toppings of Foods to Eat on The Ketogenic Diet

The sauce is a complementary food that is usually used to add the variety of flavors to the food. The sauce itself is usually used as a complement to the salad. But not only salads, steaks and other snacks can also be combined with sauce to taste more varied food taste. A sauce can be made from various types of ingredients, there are based on cheese, milk, mayo, oil, spices, and many other types. In this discussion, we will introduce some types of sauces for foods to eat on the ketogenic diet

  1. Mayonnaise, mayonnaise is a basic sauce made from egg yolk mixed with mustard. Mayonnaise is usually used as a complement to salads. Sour mayonnaise flavor will make salad taste more varied. Mayonnaise can also be used as basic ingredients to make various kinds of other sauces such as thousand islands, butter mayo, wasabi mayo, curry mayo, and etc.
  2. Butter, butter is the usual sauce you use as a spread on bread but not just butter bread you can use as a sauce that you can use to add flavor to your ketogenic snack. The use of butter does not always have to be spread on the food but can also be the dip. Butter can also be developed by mixing it with a variety of ingredients to add a more varied taste, so we will not feel bored easily. Herb butter, parmesan butter, bacon butter, blue cheese butter, whip lemon butter, cilantro butter, anchovies butter, etc.
  3. Olive oil, olive oil is a high fat-containing oil that you can use as a complementary sauce on your salad but, in addition to using olive oil you can combine a variety of herbal ingredients and vegetables to make a rich tasty sauce that you can use as ingredients base for marinade or as a mixture of food. Keto salsa Verde, keto spinach dip, keto chimichurri, pesto, etc.
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Those are some types of sauces that you can use for your food companion. You can choose and combine other ingredients that can add the taste of the sauce. Try to make different sauces every day so that your food taste is not boring.

The Sweetener for Foods to Eat on The Ketogenic Diet

Taking a ketogenic diet means reducing sugar in the diet. Sugar is a food that contains sweet and high carbohydrates. Not only sugar variety of food with excessive sweet taste should we avoid like, honey, dates, brown sugar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, agave syrup, and etc. then whether we cannot consume food with the sweet taste of diet on the ketogenic diet?

We can eat foods with the sweet taste but sweetener that uses is a sweetener with low carbohydrate levels. Can we consume fruit? The answer is no. Sweet taste in the fruit is very high with the content of glucose reaches 50% fruit can raise your blood sugar levels. Therefore, the intake of fruit is very limited in doing ketogenic diet activity.

Because of the side effects of consuming fruits while doing keto diet can lead to ketogenic diet failure due to too much glucose intake. then is there a sweetener for foods to eat on the ketogenic diet? Here are some types of sweeteners that you can use during a ketogenic diet. The sweetener below has certainly been tested and contains low carbohydrate levels making it suitable for ketogenic diets.

  1. Stevia is made from stevia plants that grow a lot in South America. This plant has been used for hundreds of years to add the sweet race of the food. Over the course of time stevia began to be produced in various forms, one of which is a liquid form. In the test results of stevia, nutrition does not contain carbohydrates and high calories. Although the resulting flavor is sweeter than the usual sugar we consume but the taste of stevia is very different from sugar. The use of too much stevia can cause a little disturbing aftertaste, so it is recommended to use stevia in little amount.
  2. Erythritol is another option that you can use as a sweetener for your food. Erythritol is a sweetener that has a slightly similar taste to sugar. Erythritol is contained in very little grapes, melons, and fungi. Erythritol itself is made from corn or cornstarch which has been fermented. Although made from corn that we know as food with high carbohydrate but erythritol, does not have the carb in nutritional content. Although the sweet taste of erythritol will not damage the teeth. If you consume a lot of erythritols it will cause a cold sensation on your tongue. If you want to use erythritol as a sweetener your food should use organic granulated erythritol.
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