Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet? This is the reason!

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Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet

Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet? How come? Keto diet lately is popular among people who are losing weight. Keto diet is a diet with high fat intake, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrates. This diet provides a fast weight loss guarantee, supported by several research results that prove it.

Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet can be caused by several things. Before running this diet, make sure you understand how keto diet works to lose weight. Because if it’s wrong, it’s not the weight loss you get, but the opposite. For that, identify the five mistakes below so you are not wrong while undergoing keto diet.

Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet Causes

There are some mistakes that are usually not realized by people who are on a keto diet. These errors not only thwart the diet but also potentially gain weight! Therefore, identify five mistakes while undergoing keto diet below.

  1. Fat consumption is not appropriate

This is the first and often the most common mistake. Most people are afraid to consume fat because fat is believed to be the ‘mastermind’ of weight gain. Eating excess fat is not good. But in keto diet, the rule does not apply. Healthy fats are the main food source in this diet that should be consumed in large quantities. Otherwise, the body will start to eat muscles and cause the body’s metabolism to slow down.

  1. Calories too much

Counting calories does make you lazy. The reason, you should record every intake of food that enters the body, whether it’s a big meal or just a snack. It also makes you a calorie excess. Actually, no matter what type of diet is done, the calorie intake still has to be limited. If not, the weight will be difficult to fall, even up.

  1. Less intake of vegetables
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Because keto diet prioritizes high fat and moderate protein, vegetable consumption is usually very minimal even forgotten. Keep in mind that consuming lots of fat and protein without fiber accompanied raises cholesterol & triglyceride levels in your body.

  1. Too much protein

Excess protein in the body will be converted into fat and sugar. This makes the body difficult to get into ketosis conditions and potentially increase weight. Remember, keto diet prioritizes fat consumption, not protein.

  1. Too much sweet fruit

Fruit is good for health. Fruit is also a healthy snack that most diet programs recommend. But in keto diet, not all types of fruit can be consumed. Sweet fruits contain fructose in it that will interfere with your keto diet. If consumed in excess, sugar will accumulate in the body and thwart your keto diet.

So already know where your fault where? Immediately correct the above mistakes by following a proper and recommended the keto diet.

How to Avoid Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet

To avoid the above mistakes, you should re-understand how to go about the correct keto diet. The main points in this diet are high fat, medium protein, and very low carbohydrates.

Fat consumption according to the recommended amount. Dietary keto carries nutritional intake with the proportion of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrate. Do not be afraid to consume fat because the fat consumed during keto diet will help you lose weight. Fat consumed, of course, healthy fats like avocado, meat, cheese, olive oil, and others. Also calculate the calorie intake so as not to overdo it.

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Consume enough protein. In keto diet, you only need about 20% protein from the daily caloric intake. Proteins can be obtained from eggs, cheese, or nuts. Balance also fat and protein by eating vegetables. Prioritize vegetables consumed are green vegetables, leafy vegetables, and mushrooms because these types of vegetables have a low carbohydrate content than colored vegetables.

Finally, the consumption of good fruits for keto diets such as avocado or berry fruit. Avoid eating sweet fruits because the fructose content will interfere with your diet. Vegetables and fruits are not the main foods in keto diet, but still must be consumed to balance the intake of nutrients in the body.

Those are the things you should do to avoid Gaining Weight on Ketogenic Diet. If you follow it well, then there is no reason keto diet will fail. Do not forget to balance keto diet with regular exercise to lose weight more effectively.

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