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glut1 deficiency syndrome and novel ketogenic diets

What is the Glut1 Deficiency Ketogenic Diet? The human metabolism system is very complicated although sometimes we hear it very simple. Only by entering food on the body then the body will process the meaning is digested, then melted into the energy used by us. but do you know what makes the body get the same amount of energy in every part of the body?

The ketogenic diet is indeed a lot of reaping controversy among nutritionists though, it turns out to force the metabolism of the body into ketosis state is also reaping many success stories. Even for some health cases, this diet method is actually even suggested to help the healing of chronic diseases.

After reading more about how ketogenic diet process, I was so interested to undergo a method that is very popular diet now. Not just because it’s popular, but because it does make sense to change our metabolism that was burning carbohydrates to make a source of energy and then replaced with fat burning because our body does not have enough carbohydrate intake to burn into energy.

in the human body must have a means of transportation that serves to spread the energy that has been processed to all parts of the human body. This transport has the same function as a means of human transportation where when they have got passengers then they will walk towards the intended destination by the passenger. In the body there are many types of substances used to spread the substance to the whole body. one of the substances present in the body is Glut1.

Glut is a glucose transporter that drains glucose to our brain. to get a balanced energy. But what happens if Glut 1 is disturbed and causes a disruption to the energy transport system of the brain? In this article we will discuss about glut1 deficiency ketogenic diet. what is the relationship between glucose transporter abnormalities with dietary ketogenic? Let us consider further discussion below.

Glut1 Deficiency Ketogenic Diet

Before we discuss more about glut1 deficiency ketogenic diet, we should know what is glut1 deficiency? Glut1 deficiency is a state of metabolic abnormality caused by glucose transporter disorder due to the lack of necessary protein glucose to bring it to the brain so that the brain suffers from a fuel shortage and is impaired. This disease is usually a hereditary disease or caused by mutations in the SLC2A1 gene. When someone suffering from this disease there will be some characteristics that indicate if someone is infected by:

  1. Seizures, this is usually felt by newborns due to lack of glucose in the brain, causing the brain to react erratically.
  2. Microcephaly, the small and abnormal head size that babies suffer from this disease.
  3. Developmental delay, because the unrelated energy source in the brain to make the mental development of the patient slightly disturbed and experienced delays.
  4. Intellectual disability, reduced brain energy makes the state of the patient experiencing slow mental development. This affects the intellectual ability of the sufferer who will be a little difficult to understand something.
  5. Movement abnormalities, as we know the brain is the main center of all movements in the human body, therefore when the brain is damaged it will affect the movement of the patient’s body that looks difficult in moving something.
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But not all people who experience Glut1 deficiency have a seizure. But they experience other symptoms due to disruption that occurs in the brain.

This disease is more suffered by one’s offspring. Because gene disruption in the DNA that caused one’s offspring experience this condition. but someone who brings this gene mutation can have no symptoms shown like the sufferer. But can reduce it to the child. When one of their parents has a mutation of the gene then the probability of getting this disease is small, but another story when both parents carry this gene mutation then their offspring will definitely suffer Glut1 Deficiency.

Then how to overcome this disease? Is there a medicine that can cure it? Unfortunately, there is no cure that can cure this disease totally, but this disease can be helped by consuming lots of fat and reduce carbohydrates so that the irregular glucose in the brain of the patient is replaced with ketone substances.

How is the Glut1 Deficiency Ketogenic Diet?

glut1 deficiency ketogenic diet

The concept of the ketogenic diet is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates into one’s body and replace it with fat, as we know this method was created to help seizure symptoms that occur in patients with epilepsy. But who would have thought that this diet method actually has a very big effect for the health world.

This diet method has been trusted to be able to reduce the weight of a person or used as a tool for weight gain by athletes. Then some studies have also proved an increase in health in cancer patients who undergo this diet method. What an interesting method! And that we need to know again. This method can help people with Glut1 Deficiency body normally and live well.

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As we know when the brain is experiencing disruption it will be difficult to cure because the brain is the main center of the human body movement. Glut1 deficiency is a disease that results in irreversible glucose energy present in the brain causing the sufferers to experience seizures or mental deterioration if not treated quickly.

Therefore, glut1 deficiency ketogenic diet is applied to the patient to be used as a method of daily eating. When the brain and body have a deficiency in glucose levels, the body automatically creates a ketone substance that is used as the energy of a person capable of being a source of human motion, not only that the brain will automatically use 75% of the ketone energy as its energy source. This makes the brain of Glut1 deficiency sufferers will become more stable and can do some activities normally. This should be kept very tight so that the intake of glucose in the body is not too much and lead recurrence of the patient.


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