How Did Khole Kardashian Lose Weight and Get Great Body Transformation?

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How did khloe Kardashian lose weight

How did Khloe Kardashian lose weight? That might be a question that you will ask after looking her fantastic transformation now. We are going to discuss how she did it.

Khloe Kardashian Then and Now

Who doesn’t know who Khloe Kardashian now? 29-year-old Hollywood starts with very hot body than ever. For you who look at the new Khloe Kardashian now, you might get some difficulties to recognize her in the past few years ago. Being fat is a condition that can be experience by many people, even for a Hollywood celebrity like Kholoe Kardashian. As a member of Kardashian family, she also had some problem with overweight or fat.  She often called fat sister. She said that back then, she didn’t really care about her body. She admitted that she was never realized that she was fat. Basically, she was fat and got overweight because of unhealthy lifestyle.

However, everything changed after she attended a TV show with her Kardashian’s sisters. He started to realize that physically, she was different from her sisters and it was not really good in the Hollywood. There were many people who mocked her because of her fat body. However, she put it as a challenge. She answered the challenge with fantastic body transformation that you can see now. Now, she is strong and sexy Kardashian. She has successfully lost more than 35 pound over the past few years. With fantastic body transformation that she gets now, many people might not remember who the fat sister was.

No Instant Way or Shortcut in Losing Weight

With her fantastic body transformation, many people started to wonder how she could dramatically and successfully lose her weight. There we some negative comments in the social media that she did the “instant way”. Many people suspected her having surgery to lose the weigh instantly. This suspicion also supported by the fact she loves to eat. However, she didn’t care about those comments. She clearly stated that there was no instant ways or shortcut in losing weight. She said that she needed to work really hard so that she could lose weight and got the ideal body-shape.

When we talk about losing weight, consistency and patience are two common things that you need to really consider. You cannot expect an instants result in the process of losing weight. It is impossible to see a result when you just started the process for days.  Losing weight is a long and painful process that you must take for great body transformation. The process will not only change your body, but also change you in person.

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Both Physically and Mentally

Physical aspect is anything that related to physical body. In order to successfully lose your weight, you need to do something with your body. You should start to control what you consume. By controlling what you consume, you can maintain the fat in your body. However, controlling will not completely work when you don’t reduce the things in your body that influence your weight. One of the most effective way is to do the exercise or workout. Exercise or workout is not used only for losing the weight, but also to shape the body.

Khloe Said that in the process of losing her weight, she doesn’t only control his physical aspect, but also controlling mental aspect. In the process of the losing weight, you don’t only train your body, but also your mentality. In order to do the process, you need to have strong mentality. You need to be patient and have a strong will or determination. You cannot easily give up. You should maintain the good things that you are doing. Therefore, good body transformation commonly will be also followed by good mental transformation.

Diet Plan

Khloe Kardashian could successfully lose 35 pound weight due to great diet plan that she did. For breakfast, she said that she preferes to have eggs and oatmeal. Many people will avoid eggs because it might influence the cholesterol level in the body. However, it is found that eggs in the form of scrambled eggs, boiled-eggs, or omelet are the best meal for breakfast. Eggs are also safe for controlling the blood levels. In breakfast, we should also avoid to take too many sugar and calories. Therefore, oatmeal is one of the best choices for breakfast.

For lunch, Khloe prefers to have salad. Salid is also one of the best choices for losing weight because it will provided nutrient that you need that is low in calories level.  Green vegetables are also very good in balancing the hormones. It will significantly help you in losing your weight.

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For dinner, Khloe usually will have chicken and vegetable. For the carbohydrate, commonly, she will have potatoes or rice. In choosing the part of chicken for dinner, it is recommended that you eat the skinless part. One of the best parts is the breast. The skinless breast will have fewer calories but will provide you more protein for your diet plan.

Exercise or Workout

The diet plan will work better if you combine it with routine exercise or workout. According to her trainer, Khloe would only spend 35 minute in the gym. However, in the 35 minutes, she could burn 543 calories. In the gym, usually she will do weight-lifting and boxing. Weight-lifting and boxing are two types of workout that can be good choice for losing weight. Those workouts will effectively burn fat and calories. Moreover, it will also build muscle and shape your body. Besides going to gym, she also did some simple workouts that she can did it alone in her home.

Those are some information about how Khloe Kardashian can successfully lose 35-pound weight and get fantastic body transformation. She has proved that with work hard and determination, she could have body transformation that she might never imagine few years ago. If she could do it, then you can also do it. How did Khloe Kardashion lose weight? You’ve got the answers.

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