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How many Australian a day to lose weight secrets about a man losing his weight up to 20 kilograms in a month. How can he lose all his weight faster? Here is the report. The quickest way to a healthy diet is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise will make your body’s calories burn and make your body slim but with a fairly long time. Don’t consume fried foods Change your daily menu with steamed or boiled ingredients. But you will feel bored, don’t you?!

How I substitute oil for my food cooking? How many calories a day to lose weight Australia How to lose 20 kilograms and Get a Six Pack Stomach with cooking spray?

“My name is Jonas, this is my experience of how to lose my weight up to 7 kg and get a six pack stomach in just one week with COOKING SPRAY. Not with supplements, fat burners, or some other medicine that gives negative side effects and drains your wallet. How many calories I take in a day? And how many calories I throw in a day? Diet using Cooking spray is the best way in my opinion because I prefer to reduce the consumption of calories in the blood by reducing the use of cooking oil instead of exercising with difficulty only for 120 calories burned. “

how many calories a day to lose weight australia

Lately, the way to shrink the stomach is often talked about by some people. This is what makes me a little confused, How to do a healthy diet with maximum results? Various ways of dieting would have become a daily reading if you could say the diet menu almost became a shadow of life. Of course they don’t want the form of fat or less slender stomach but it’s about how to actually get rid of bad habits every day, especially in maintaining a diet. In fact, I found that I don’t need to exercise with sit-ups 600 times to burn up to 120 calories. how many calories a day to lose weight Australia? I only reduce the number of calories that enter my body through food, especially in the use of oil.

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How to lose weight = Diet VS exercise.

“I used to exercise regularly to get a healthy body, every morning I jogged to reduce the level of calories in my blood, I did not experience a decrease in body weight. I can reduce weight consumption by using a little oil. Fried to process my diet menu. “

How Many Calories A Day to Lose Weight Australia With 90% Diet 10% Exercise

“After I observed and experienced the process of my diet, the safest and easiest way to lose weight is to regulate what enters our body. I don’t need a miserable diet like ketogenic “Jonas.

how many calories a day to lose weight Australia? Don’t you often see people doing treadmills for hours every day, but still fat? Why? Many people focus on the non-essential (10%) not on the important (90%). To lose weight you must focus on the IMPORTANT (90%), which is our diet. It’s useless if we bother to spend the time to exercise if our diet is not right. There are various types of diets, but all have the same basic calories in. <Calories out.

Are there effective ways to burn fat besides exercise?

REDUCE LOG IN! The food contains calories. Food calories are divided into 3 parts such as protein, carbohydrates, and fat. 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories and 1 gram of fat/oil containing 8 calories! YES! No wonder the food cooked with cooking oil makes you fat, because every gram of fat/cooking oil contains 2x more calories than protein and carbohydrates.

“I think the easiest way to reduce calories is to stop cooking using cooking oil. Imagine, just cutting 5 tablespoons of cooking oil is the same as doing 3000 sit-ups. You can do food processing and diet menu by using low-calorie oil or use one tablespoon of cooking oil to process your healthy diet menu.

STOP USING FRIED OIL how can it be? Cooking without oil? Cooking using only one tablespoon of cooking oil is equivalent to 120 calories? Cooking Spray is the answer and the solution. Cooking oil spray is made specifically for smart people who will manage a healthy diet. With cooking spray, one spoon of cooking oil will split the calories into small particles that are ready to process your healthy diet.

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How Many Calories A Weight Loss Australia With Cooking Spray?

Cooking spray is very easy to use. Before starting cooking, spray Smooth onto the entire pan surface, you can cook without sticking or burning without the need to use cooking oil. Cooking spray can also be sprayed onto a toaster baking sheet so that the bread/cake is not sticky without the need for butter. Thus, we no longer need cooking oil for cooking, so the incoming calories will be significantly reduced.

Benefits of using oil free:


The calories contained in the cooking spray are smaller than the calories in cooking oil. Because calories in the cooking spray are calories that have been split into small particles which are far fewer in number than using cooking oil. The cooking spray contains 0 calories per serving, best for fat-free cooking. This will greatly benefit us in the process of losing weight.

By STOP using cooking oil and starting to use the cooking spray, your entry calories can be reduced to 1000 calories per day, so that the fat in your body will disappear quickly.


No need to bother to measure and pour cooking oil into the pan, you just need to easily spray Cooking spray into the pan.

Cooking spray is widely used for diet and cooking purposes. With its practical and effective use, I cook with a cool super chef style and guarantee low calories to support success on how many calories a day to lose weight

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