How Many Calories A Day To Lose Weight UK Recommendation?

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How many calories a day to lose weight UK daily news? Every meal is an important decision making action about the future, which is whether what is eaten will be able to help the body become healthier so that it can carry out the ideals that have been planned.

How Many Calories a Day to Lose Weight UK

There are so many restrictions and recommendations about the ideal diet that makes someone confused. As a result, the assumption arises that a healthy diet is identical to something that requires extra effort. Sometimes, because it’s too confusing, for people who are busy they become lazy to start. So there are times when food intake is no longer well controlled.

How Many Calories a Day to Lose Weight UK Table of Calorie Needs

Every age group has different calorie needs. The following table regarding caloric needs by sex and age:

Based on Age and Gender

Age                        Male                      Female

10-12                     2000                       1900

13-15 years           2400                       2100

16-19 years           2500                       2000

20-45 years         2800                       2200

46-59 years          2500                       2100

60 years                2200                       1850

Well if you are not satisfied with the table, you can calculate it yourself. Here is a formula for calculating it:

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Calculate your BMI first so you know if your weight is ideal now:

BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height x Body Height (m))

The ideal BMI is 19-25. If less than 19 means too thin, more than 25 overweight.

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Formula for Calculating Ideal Weight

22 (Ideal BMI) x Height

Calorie Calculation Formula per Day

N = Body Weight x 24 (amount of energy needed per kg per day)

M = N x 30% (energy / calorie cost for activities per day)

S = (N + M) x 10% (energy / calorie cost for food processing per day)

Then the number of calories needed per day = N + M + S


My weight: 53 kg

My Height: 1.6 m

My BMI = 53 / 2.56 = 20.70

My ideal weight = 22 x 2.56 = 56.3 kg

N = 63 x 24 = 1,512

M = 1,512x 30% = 453, 6

S = (1,512+ 453, 6) x 10% = 105, 84

So my calorie needs per day = 1,058 Cal (rounded down)

How Many Calories A Day to Lose Weight UK Recommendation to Burn Calories

Some daily activities that you can do to burn calories

Ironing: 171 kilocalories / hour

Wash clothes: 171 kilocalories / hour

Cut grass: 333 kilocalories / hour

Car wash: 343 kilocalories / hour

Mopping the floor: 343 kilocalories / hour


Running: 185 kilocalories / hour

Brisk walk: 360 kilocalories / hour

Swim: 340 kilocalories / hour

Aerobics: 340 kilocalories / hour

Cycling: 300 kilocalories / hour

Yoga: 250 kilocalories / hour

That is, I can just eat cheese cake which is around 300 Calorie, but before & after food must be considered. So about a day no more than 1,800 calories. We can find out the food calories through searching on Google or you can also see the Nutrition Value Information table on food packaging (if any).

Remember that excess calories is the same as hoarding fat in the body. So how many calories a day to lose weight UK?

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