How Many Calories on A Ketogenic Diet and What Its Benefits

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How Many Calories on A Ketogenic Diet on keto diet should i have on a ketogenic diet do i need on a keto diet

How Many Calories on A Ketogenic Diet? Our bodies need energy to move and do activities. If our body lacks energy then the body will feel weak and will be difficult to do activities. Then how much energy should we have in the body? How do we know the energy intake in the body? The answer is calories, we may often hear the term calories.

However, do you know what calories really are? Calorie is the unit of energy or you can say we can calculate the amount of energy that enters the body using energy units. We get energy from food so from that every food has different calorie count. In addition to foods that have different calorie counts, our body has different calorie count required each person has different calorie count depending on age, sex, height and weight, therefore to meet the sufficient energy intake.

So, as not to overdo or deficiency, we need the description of calories in order to calculate the exact amount of food intake in the body. If we run ketogenic diet then we need the description of calories that are different from others because we have to limit the intake of carbohydrates in the body. Here we will discuss how to calculate the number of calories sufficient for our body and how many calories on a ketogenic diet.

How Many Calories on A Ketogenic Diet Based on Ages

Each person has the type and number of activities different power used in each activity is very different therefore the number of calories needed by each person is also different. The following is the general amount of caloric intake in each person based on his age.

  • Children aged 2-3 years need 1000-1400 calorie calories.
  • Girl aged 4-8 years require calories of 1200-1800 calories.
  • Girl aged 9-13 years need calories of 1600-2200 calories.
  • Girl 14-18 years old require calories of 1800-2400 calories.
  • Women aged 19-30 years require calories of 2000-2400 calories.
  • Women aged 31-50 years require calories of 1800-2200 calories.
  • Women ages 51 and over require calories of 1600-2200 calories.
  • Boy aged 4-8 years require calories of 1400-2000 calories.
  • Boy ages 9-13 need calories of 1800-2600 calories.
  • Boy at 14-18 years of age require calories of 2200-3200 calories.
  • men aged 19-30 years need calories of 3000 calories.
  • Men aged 31-50 years require calories of 2200-3000 calories.
  • Men age 51 and older require calories of 2000-2800 calories.
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But if you want to know the exact number of calories you can use a calorie calculator tool to calculate the exact amount of calories your body needs. How many calories on a ketogenic diet? the number of calories you should takes is same amount with normal person the difference is the intake of carbo, protein and fat.  If you are doing ketogenic diet then you should pay attention to the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate intake.

If you have known the right amount of calories for your body then you can count and divide by 5% carbohydrate 25% protein and 70% fat. If you are a woman about 19-30 years old then the number of calories you need is 2000 cal. Then you need 100 cal for carbohydrates 500 Cal for protein and 1400 Cal for fat. If the carbohydrate calorie unit is 4 Cal / gram then you need 25 grams of carbohydrate / day. The unit of calorie protein is 4 Cal / gram then you need 125gr protein / day. Then, for the calorie unit fat is 9 Cal / gram you need about 156 grams of fat per day.

To do the proper successful ketogenic diet result, it depends on how you really stuck on the rule. Just like any other diet method, every diet method must have its own rules. In this ketogenic diet, we are supposed to keep blood sugar levels in our body fixed at the proper amount, it is intended to support how ketogenic diet changes our metabolism that makes fat the only source of energy we get.

How Many Calories on A Ketogenic Diet – Benefits

In addition to providing energy in the body, calories are also very influential on the body following some of the benefits of calories for your body.

  1. Affects the psychological, if you lack calories than your psychological condition will be disturbed and unstable. It certainly will not have a good effect on your activities. Your mood will be easy to change like an uncontrolled emotion. Therefore you have to ensure your calorie intake in the body is enough.
  2. Maintain health, if usually someone who diets reduce the number of calories intake in your body then it will impact on the physical and health of your body. Ensuring that the right amount of calories in your body will improve the body’s immunity so that our bodies will not be susceptible to viruses or bacteria that will cause our body’s health decrease.
  3. Supporting the growth of children, not in adults, the adequacy of calories is really needed by children because it will help their progress and growth. Children are usually very active so we have to make sure the caloric intake in their body is enough to meet all the activities they do. For their nutrition and energy to be fulfilled.
  4. Controlling weight, if you follow the rules of caloric intake in your body so, your body will have the ideal body weight. With the right amount of calories then you will not accumulate excess calories that can be affecting excess body weight so that you can cause obesity.
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After knowing the many benefits that we will get if we keep the number on How Many Calories on A Ketogenic Diet intake in the body then we should keep and pay attention to our bodies no shortage or excess calories. If your body has a calorie deficiency, it will cause a health disorder of the brain’s nervous system, hormone disturbance, damage to cell development in the body, muscle disturbance, and the most important is starvation. Walking the diet does not mean we have to sacrifice our body for harmful side effects but to maintain a healthy body.

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