How Many Steps Should I Walk a Day to Lose Weight Faster?

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How many steps should I walk a day to lose weight when I don’t have much time to exercise? Morning to evening must work. Evenings are too tired to move the body. Ladies, do you also often feel such a dilemma? When you really want to exercise to lose weight but the time you have is very limited, it feels like exercise is an activity that is very impossible to do. Uh, but you might be able to try this one alternative sport: walk.

The researchers found that exercise with a short intensity of time (for example, two minutes), which in total reaches 30 minutes per day has the same benefits as non-stop exercise carried out directly 30 minutes, which can equally reduce the risk of heart disease. In other words, activities carried out in small amounts but often can have a big impact. And walking can be a healthy exercise while losing weight, provided you know “how many steps should I walk a day to lose weight.”

How many steps should I walk a day to lose weight

10 Minute Walking Routines Every Day to Balance Your Diet

Take 10 minutes per day to exercise on foot. But not just about walking, there are a few “rules” if you want to get the most benefit from this 10-minute walk. So, you need to break down the 10 minutes with different changes in walking speed.

What is meant by slow-speed walking is when you can still chat casually with your colleagues or friends when walking together. While walking at medium speed is when chatting can still be done but is a little difficult or disjointed. And fast speed walking is when chatting becomes very difficult to do because you have to catch your breath yourself.

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How Many Steps Should I Walk a Day to Lose Weight – 3 Easy Simple Exercise

If this 10-minute walking exercise is less challenging, you can change the interval in 15 seconds. So its 15 seconds on foot quickly, then 15 seconds then the road is slow, and so on. Use short steps so you don’t feel tired or overwhelmed easily.

  1. Increase speed

Increasing walking speed will help you to burn more calories than walking at a steady pace. Try to walk as fast as possible. And if you feel that your speed is still lacking, add more.

  1. Vary the speed and intensity

Apart from adding speed, vary your speed for walking. After walking fast, then replace it by slowing down to increase the speed. Also, increase the intensity. Because the addition of intensity will make calorie burning more leverage.

  1. Combine with strength training

You also need to combine walking with strength training. Because incorporating this exercise can increase the body’s metabolism so that fat burning will occur.

The trick is to run for 10 minutes, do several sets of squats, lunges and push-ups. Then start to walk again.

How many steps should I walk a day to lose weight for the maximum result, you should snack at an hour after walking. And choose a type of high-protein light snack. It’s better to exercise lightly and briefly on a regular basis every day than doing strenuous exercise performed only once a month. Besides that, spending just 10 minutes every day should not be something that is difficult to do right?

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