How Much Weight Can You Lose In 2 Months With Intermittent Fasting

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How much you lose in 2 months with intermittent fasting? The benefits of fasting among medical professionals are widely known. This turned out to be true in the diet method. Indeed, when fasting people will complain because there are so many things that they think are limited.

Though when fasting so many benefits felt by the body. How much you lose in 2 months with intermittent fasting? Diet using the fasting method also brings many benefits. Diet is to improve lifestyle.

How Much You Lose In 2 Months With Intermittent Fasting

When fasting so many systems in the body that improve the condition and make the body become more productive the next day. For those of you who are still unclear about the benefits of fasting, here are the benefits of fasting that you don’t know:

How Much You Lose In 2 Months With Intermittent Fasting?

  1. When fasting memory in the brain will increase. Fasting will increase neurotropic from the brain. Neurotropic itself will help the body to produce brain cells and that will improve brain function.
  2. When fasting the stress level will decrease. This is influenced by a decrease in the cortisol hormone produced by the adrenal gland.
  3. When fasting, the intake of foods containing fat and sugar will decrease. Thus, there is also a decrease in blood sugar and cholesterol. More in fasting will make blood pressure more controlled.
  4. When fasting there is an increase in HDL and alpha apoprotein 1. In addition, there is a decrease in LDL (cholesterol) which is beneficial for the health of the heart and blood vessels. When fasting decreases the circadian distribution of body temperature, the hormone cortisol, melatonin and glycemia.
  5. For those of you with goiter, fasting will not adversely affect the thyroid gland. When fasting there is no change in plasma levels of thyroxine, free thyroxine, tironin trisodium and hormone stimulating goiter.
  6. Fasting makes you lose weight, it’s not wrong. Fasting itself is like a healthy diet. Invisibly a person’s weight will decrease slowly. During fasting, the fat reserves in the body will be used.
  7. When fasting kidney function will work more optimally. When fasting, the target of osmosis strength will be achieved. This has a positive effect on the kidneys.
  8. Fasting is a natural detoxification process. During fasting, the body will release toxins in the digestive system. The process of removing toxins is not felt, because the toxins come out with urine and feces.
  9. Fasting regularly will increase natural neutralizing cells in the body. Natural neutralizing cells are used to slowly cure gout. In addition, when neutralizing cells are produced properly, the bacteria that causes arthritis is suppressed.
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Fasting, although heavy when run, will still provide positive benefits for the body. The benefits of fasting are not immediately felt when first fasting. When fasting is carried out routinely, the benefits of fasting will be felt for health. By undergoing the fasting diet method above, your metabolism will improve soon, your body will also be made easier to burn calories and fat in your body. So, how much you lose in 2 months with intermittent fasting?

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