How Much Weight Did Precious Lose From Empire

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How much weight did precious lose? Changing the appearance of ‘surprising’ for those who work in the entertainment sector is not a foreign matter. But still, when a figure in the entertainment world appears with a far different appearance than the first time he appears, it will make many people wonder, at the same time have a sense of salute to the character.

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How Much Weight Did Precious Lose From Empire – A Sudden Shocking News

One of the actresses who in the last few years has caught the world’s attention with a change of appearance is Gabourey Sidibe, or usually called Gabby or Gabriel. Being a lot of questions about how much weight did precious lose from empire to the 1983-born actress.

The actress who made it to the Best Actress at the Academy Awards also released a book called ‘This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare’, a memoir book that tells the story of her life, how she fought all challenges, including how she finally decided to fight obey weight. The first time it appeared, Gabby had the appearance of a fat woman weighing around 136 kilograms.

Gabby began to be known as the role of Claireece Jones in the film ‘Precious’. Already more than 9 films and more than 12 television series that he played. Thanks to the Precious film that aired in 2009, Gabby was included in dozens of award nominations. Often appearing on popular movies and TV series, his presence is always a concern. Moreover, his appearance was shocking.

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How Much Weight Did Precious Lose By Diet and the Reasons

In his book, Gabby tells the first reason why he decided to lose weight. The answer was when he was told that he was suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. At that time Gabby, who was used to accepting insults about his appearance, even from fellow artists, thought to be able to live healthier, free from the disease that was ready to attack more ‘evil’.

Finally, Gabby also chose a special surgery for weight loss which was guided directly by Dr Bradley Schwack, Bariatric Surgeon. This surgery takes the form of removing body parts with the aim of reducing capacity. The doctor raised 80% of Gabby’s abdomen, made him experience a change in the digestive system which made him unable to eat in large quantities, and quickly felt like that.

Not Only Relying on the Surgery

Although carrying out surgery that lifted most of his body weight until the last weight of his body succeeded in being at 68 kilograms, Gabby said that he also had to follow other obligations so that his efforts were not in vain namely by going on a diet. So, how much weight did precious lose from the beautiful empire of Gabourey Sidibe? However much, Gabby went through it with a struggle that was not easy until now.

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