How Much You Lose In 2 Months on Low Carb Diet Menu

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How much you lose in 2 months on low carb? For those of you who have a fat body as of now you are dieting to reduce your risk of developing a dangerous disease. Diseases that will await you such as heart, cholesterol, diabetes and stroke. There are so many risks that the disease is better to prevent rather than treat.

How Much You Lose In 2 Months on Low Carb

So, you should start dieting today. This is how much you lose in 2 months on low carb you can do first prepare your food journal. With your food journal you can easily manage what foods you can eat. Expand drinking water usually 8 glasses for one day at a minimum so we have to drink more water than that.

Most of the diet rules are rules that violate us to consume certain foods or drinks. Even though in reality the excessive restrictions are also not good for our body’s metabolism.

How Much You Lose In 2 Months on Low Carb Guide

  1. Eat 3 times a day or more

Well how come? I’m on a diet! It must be in your mind when reading the sentence. Limiting eating is necessary, but we don’t need to reject all kinds of food, right? The food we eat contains many nutrients that the body needs.

  1. Change your diet

In this case you don’t need a strict diet with just one meal a day and with foods that are even a little and not filling. Eat healthy food! What is healthy food like? If you usually eat food for the purpose of being full, now change your diet for healthy purposes. Remember your body needs all carbohydrate, protein, fat (little) intake, minerals and vitamins.

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Here’s a diet menu that you can try in 1 day:


  • Wheat bread
  • Fruit / salad
  • Sugarless tea or coffee


  • Avoid carbs! Should be avoided and replaced with other low carbohydrates such as brown rice or health drinks
  • Tea (without sugar) or mineral water
  • Fruits


  • 1 food replacement
  • Fruit / vegetables
  • Eggs or tofu

Now can you eat rice? Eating rice is okay, because our bodies actually also need adequate carbohydrate intake. But don’t be too often. Of the three diet menus above, of course you should not consume them excessively. It’s not funny if you name it diet but eat 2 servings of rice?

The third menu on how much you lose in 2 months on low carb above always prioritizes the consumption of sugarless drinks, this is because the sugar content usually inhibits the body’s burning process carried out by the hormone insulin and our protein content. The body will burn when the condition of our sugar is lace or stays in the proper portion.

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