How Much You Lose In 2 Months Safely – True Story

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How much do you lose in 2 months safely? In the diet, “another prohibition on fat, carbohydrates, especially bad carbohydrates, is sugar, all avoid it”. So suddenly I have a new habit of going to a cafe, ordering tea without sugar at all. Even though from a toddler, I swear, I don’t like tea.

How Much Do You Lose In 2 Months Safely

I ate for two weeks, various types of vegetables, lean meat (skinless chicken breast & fat, lean meat, fish) and vegetable protein sources such as tofu. Apart from being cooked in sautéed or boiled vegetables (even though Dr Tan says true raw food followers, cooked vegetables are useless, garbage, only fiber with no enzymes). Or if you’re lazy, just raw vegetables like salads.

For sources of animal and vegetable protein, you can cook oven, steamed, soup or stir-fried mixture. And one more, eggs. Yes, I am even free to eat eggs. Praise God, this egg is very beneficial for those who are on a diet, hungry, there is nothing to eat (which is permissible) because the cooking method is really easy. Just make scramble egg with olive oil/rice bran oil or boiled. For more details, guide the south beach diet.

In addition, because of the busy and rather a lazy gym. So, for sports I try to be more active moving everywhere. Either walk, clean the house, clean the bathroom. The point is to keep moving, according to our nature. It’s not perfect, because it is recommended to do a workout as programmed in the magazine.

How Much Do You Lose In 2 Months Safely by Doing These?

After two weeks, I weighed weight. Wow, I’m quite amazed by the results. If before, my weight was weighed around 52-54 kg (depending on the scale lol) when I weighed it, I weighed 47.5 kg! Wow, back to high school!

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After finishing the weighing program, I pondered about what I had done for two weeks. There are several things that reflect me:

  1. Misunderstanding in the diet: the main goal is to want to lose weight. Wrong! The truth is to be healthy by changing your lifestyle to be healthier. Weight loss / being slim is a bonus.
  2. The most severe in the diet is controlling desire. Hungry can always handle. But the name you want may appear when the condition is full. Moreover, what we want (sugar, fatty foods, etc.) Is not necessarily needed by the body. So, a diet is about controlling desire, not reducing portion/fasting.
  3. About controlling desire. Even though there are idioms; what your resist, persist, but in controlling this desire does not mean resisting our desires. Resist in the sense of rejecting, holding back, holding back, resisting. It’s similar to denial, denying. Control of desire is more like realizing that a desire exists, but is not obeyed.

Just admit if there really is a desire to eat sweet, fatty, etc. Like the very desire to eat cake, pie, pancakes, doughnuts, etc. But not obeyed. If obeyed but know the portion is enough, for example, just a bite. The question is when enough is enough?

Because of my last experience, when the diet phase I ended, when I saw a cake. I allow myself to eat one. But after one seed, I still want it again. I obey again, eat two. So, your diet won’t work! So, how much do you lose in 2 months safely? Tell me!

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