How to Do Ketogenic Diet for Seizure Control?

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Ketogenic Diet for Seizure Control ketogenic diets in seizure control and neurological disorders

Ketogenic diet for seizure control might something you are really confusing with. Have you ever experienced seizures? Do you know what the cause of seizures is? Not everyone has experienced seizures but the potential seizures in everyone remain.

Seizures are caused by a disturbance in the brain signals that send the flow of electricity in the form of signals from the nerve to muscles. This causes the movement of muscles that are not controlled; the muscles in the body will contradict and move uncontrollably. Seizures in the body of a person is usually different there is experienced in all parts of the body there are also only experienced on half of the body.

Seizures are usually affected by brain disorders in the patient. But actually, many factors that cause seizures. Then is there any way to cure seizures? One of the ways that we can do to reduce the occurrence of seizures in a person’s body is to pay attention to food intake or we call as diet but, not all types of diet can be used as a tool to prevent seizures.

Ketogenic diet is a diet designed for someone who has epilepsy so that this diet is believed to reduce seizures in epilepsy patients. In this discussion we will discuss more about the relationship between ketogenic diet and seizures. And how? But before that let’s go know deeper about ketogenic diet for seizure control.

In the case of ketogenic diet, we are required to replace the only source of energy that we get from carbohydrates or glucose, replaced with energy sources that we can get from fat burning. This diet method has been a lot of controversial reaping indeed, but many also proof that ketogenic diet is one of the most enjoyable diet methods and has produced many success stories.

How Is Seizure Symptom?

Have you ever seen a person with a seizure? People who experience seizures usually occur suddenly, everyone who has seizures also experience different seizures depending on which part of the brain is experiencing the disorder. Here is a symptom that often appears on someone who experienced a seizure:

  1. Loss of instantaneous awareness, a person who has a seizure usually loses his or her senses in a moment. Like a fainting person a person experiencing a seizure will feel confused when conscious, because he cannot remember the incident when he had a seizure.
  2. The movement of the eyeball, a person who experienced a seizure caused by a disturbance in the brain signals to one’s muscles this can cause irregular eye movement of a person.
  3. Salivate or mouth foaming, when a person has a seizure usually he will salivate or foam from his mouth.
  4. Trembling throughout the body, when brain signals are disturbed then the movement of our body will be disrupted this is what causes the trembling in our bodies, but in some people, trembling can happen only on certain body part.
  5. Suddenly fall, a body that suddenly experience tremors will make the balance of the body disturbed so that our body will fall.
  6. Muscle spasms accompanied by rhythmic at the ankle, when the brain signals have disturbed due to irregular electrical flow is caused then all our muscles will experience a seizure.
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In some people the above conditions are not always experienced because each person does not always experience a signal disorder in the same part. There is someone who experiences a tremor without losing conscious, there is even someone who just looks dazed and stunned for a moment without shaking. These conditions make seizures difficult to detect in some people. Beside the different types of seizures, the duration of seizures in each patient also differences. There are only in a short period of time and within seconds there is also a seizure in a long time to a matter of minutes. If someone experience seizure a lot you can use ketogenic diet for seizure control. However, not all seizures can be harmful, only certain seizure conditions cause harm, if a person has a seizure under the following conditions you should immediately take him to the hospital for further treatment.

  1. The first seizure, if someone who looks normal and has never experienced a seizure suddenly had a seizure then you should immediately take him to the hospital because it could have suffered a severe brain disorder.
  2. Patients are injured, when someone is experiencing and is injured then in this situation we must immediately bring the patient to the hospital.
  3. Difficulty breathing, disorders that occur in the brain and irregular muscle movements can cause respiratory muscle disturbed so that patients will dish breath and cause loss of consciousness.
  4. Duration of seizures, if the patient has a seizure in a long duration then immediately take the patient to the hospital.
  5. Being pregnant someone who is pregnant will be very dangerous if experienced seizures because it will be fatal to the infant of the patient.
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Ketogenic Diet for Seizure Control in Terms

If you have experienced seizures or symptoms above you should immediately consult a doctor to get a further handling. One of the handlers that doctors will recommend is a ketogenic diet. Why must ketogenic diet? Ketogenic diet method is a diet method where the minimize intake of carbohydrates and replaced with fat as a source of energy, this is related to seizures control.

The brain is part of the body that uses enough glucose as an energy source so that this can causes the occurrence of seizures in a person because there is the amount of brain energy that can be channeled to the body that causes seizures in the body. However, with the replacement of energy sources on the body of a person using the fat that produces ketone energy source in the brain will be reduced and normalize the flow of electric brain so that seizures will rarely occur. That’s why using ketogenic diet for seizure control is good way.

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