How To Lose Weight Without Exercising Too Much

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How to lose weight without exercising too much? Many people want the ideal body in an instant way. Without the need to do things that they think are very burdensome. Including sports. Sports sometimes become a burdensome activity. Because exercise must be done routinely by people who want weight loss.

Of course. How to lose weight without exercising too much becomes a problem that must be considered. Among the obstacles that we often encounter are; Aside from being lazy. They also have activities that are very busy. Eventually they don’t have time to exercise.

Why should you lose weight?

Losing weight is a very important thing. Because. If your weight exceeds the normal limit will result in disruption of your activities. Of course everyone does not want this. However. Some people think that having a “fat” weight is a sign of health? Is that true? Reported from several sources that this is true.

But what is fat like? Does fat exceed the weight limit? For this reason. It is very important to lose weight for the health of your body as well as for the convenience of your activities. There are many ways to lose weight. Including sports. Enough exercise can have a big effect. However. Not everyone wants regular exercise. This is a question.

How to Lose Weight without Exercising Too Much based on Expert Says

The right way to lose weight without exercise:

  1. Chew slowly

For the sake of maximizing lunch breaks. People often shorten mealtime by chewing food quickly. Though the brain needs time to process information that the body has enough intake.

Chewing food better makes people eat more slowly. Which is associated with a decrease in food intake. Increasing satiety. And fewer portions.

In addition. The speed at which food runs out quickly determines weight. A review of 23 studies reported that people who eat faster are more likely to experience weight gain than those who eat slowly. They are also at risk for obesity.

  1. Avoid eating while playing gadgets
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Eating should not be done together with other activities. Such as opening gadgets or devices. Watching television or playing games. Usually. Eating accompanied by other activities does not make people focus and do not know how much food they have eaten.

The effect is not only about the amount of intake that enters the body. But also the increase in food intake in the next meal session. People who are not focused on eating will increase their calorie intake by 25 percent in the next meal session than those who focus on eating.

  1. Improve body posture

Kim Lyons. Coach of The Biggest Loser recommends always displaying good posture like walking straight and sitting upright.

“When your posture is good. You automatically pull and form your abdominal muscles,” Lyons was quoted as saying from Good House Keeping (7/17).

He said. If you often forget to improve your posture. Then the simple strategy of sticking paper on a desk or refrigerator is always remembered.

More about How to Lose Weight without Exercising Too Much

  1. Drink

Regular water Drinking water can help the body feel full and reduce weight. Especially if you drink before eating a big meal. A study in adults found that drinking half a liter of water about half an hour before a meal can reduce hunger and help reduce calorie intake. Pre-eating participants lost 44 percent of their body weight for 12 weeks.

  1. Drinking Coffee

For coffee lovers. It seems that coffee drinking habits are associated with a decrease in almond weight. The caffeine content in coffee causes a diuretic effect aka urination. Urination can reduce excess fluid in the body. In addition. The intestines can continue to move so that the stomach becomes more flat.

  1. Walk
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Walking is useful to encourage the body’s metabolism and burn hip fat more effectively. People can take 30 minutes per day to walk. But small habits can be done on foot. Such as using a glass rather than a bottle to drink while in the office. People inevitably walk repeatedly when the water in the glass runs out. Alternatively. Try taking the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator if you only move one floor.

  1. Relax for a moment

“When you are tired. The body produces more steroids and stress hormones. Which have a negative effect on the digestive system. Causing constipation,” said Judith Reichman.  The hormone cortisol will only send excess fat and threaten the protection of the body’s vital organs. Therefore. He advises people to relax for 20 minutes per day.

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