Is Ketogenic Diet Safe? Can It Affect Our Health?

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Is Ketogenic Diet Safe? In the diet, there are usually certain foods that must be limited the excess of a substance in our body. for example, ketogenic diet, where we should reduce carb intake and increase fat intake in the body as a carbo replacement. This is done to get the balance of nutrient intake in the body that makes carbo as a source of energy. Doing a diet is a person’s choices to change his life become healthy life. But, is the diet that people do is safe for their bodies? Dieting is a set your food consumption that is different from what we usually do.

In this case, the energy used daily during the ketogenic diet is the energy gained from the burning of fat by the liver. But Is Ketogenic Diet Safe to do? Many people ask whether the method of this diet is safe or not because we not only do the reduction of food as a diet method in general. However, we also change the body’s metabolic system from which usually burn carbo as an energy to burn fat.

This will certainly cause side effects on our body. Our body will certainly try to adjust to the new energy system and make our body experience a reaction that is certainly not wanted by everyone, headache or nausea is the main symptom that can be felt by everyone who runs ketogenic diet. There are still some other effects that you will get when doing the ketogenic diet.

Is Ketogenic Diet Safe – Side Effect

When we start a ketogenic diet, our bodies will cause the reaction that makes our body feel weak. This reaction is due to the body trying to adjust to the food intake we consume. Probably for some people is not a problem when they do ketogenic diet and can easily handle the side effects, but the effects can be tolerated by everyone.  So, before doing this diet we are required to consult with the doctor to see if our body can bear the burden caused by ketogenic diet or not.

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Losing weight is indeed the dream of all people who have weight problems. However, we also have to keep paying attention to what kind of diet we do, so our body can experience losing weight without damaging body health. Because diet is basically used to keep the food consumption become healthier. Here are some effects that you will feel when da on the ketogenic diet.

  1. Vomiting and nausea, side effects of ketogenic diet commonly felt by beginners. The portion and limit of the amount of food on the excessively ketogenic diet make the digestion empty. Finally, cause nausea and want to vomit.
  2. Difficult defecation, in addition to low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet also makes someone who is doing this diet consume less fiber. As a result, the bowel movement is not smooth.
  3. Keto flu can occur when the body is continuously producing energy from glucose. That way blood sugar will go down and glycogen or glucose reserves begin to be overhauled into energy. Besides glucose, electrolytes in body fluids also began to drain out.
  4. Bad breath odor, not many know the side effects of a ketogenic diet can also cause bad breath. This happens due to increased production of fat in the body causing ketosis conditions. Some keto toxins are removed by respiration including the mouth. That will make we feel uncomfortable, due to bad breath that will feel like the smell of acetone.
  5. Headaches and Dizziness, Lack of good nutrition will make your body a lot of trouble. Not only nausea but also dizziness and even headaches can be caused when you doing the ketogenic diet. This is because your food intake is by raising the fat levels in the body and the amount of carbohydrate you eat as much as you do not eat foods that contain carbohydrates at all. This will certainly affect the content of sugar in your body not only that, this will slow down and less smooth the circulation of blood in the body, especially in the brain. This is what will make your headache and dizzy.
  6. The hormone, less stable hormone in the body due to changes in metabolism. Hormonal changes that affect women typically affect the duration of the menstruation circulation. A woman usually menstruating once a month, it could be changed into 1 time in two months.
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Long-Term Effects of Ketogenic Diet for The Body

Is the ketogenic diet safe? We know what are the effects of running ketogenic diet do you still want to implement this diet method? If you really feel this diet method is a suitable diet for you although some side effects will interfere with your activities, then you need to know the long-term side effects that would be very detrimental to your health if you do ketogenic diet excessively. If you want ideal weight then you have to balance your diet with exercise and do not do ketogenic diet in a long time because it can cause your body health decreased.

Some medical communities consider sustained ketosis to make the liver stress and cause muscle tissue damage. The other complications effect, such as constipation, hypoglycemia, vitamin deficiency, kidney stones, balance problems, loss of bone density will occur if continuing. Plus, consuming saturated fat can cause cholesterol and high blood pressure.

At the conclusion, Is Ketogenic Diet Safe or not? this can depend on the condition of our own body, generally beginners keto diet will feel a tremendous negative impact, but this is also not everyone is experiencing the same thing. the most important in doing keto diet or any other type of diet is about how to change our mindset that diet is a healthy lifestyle. I bet you will be agreed with me, don’t you?!

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