Is Red Wine Allowed in Ketogenic Diet Red Wine?

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ketosis diet red wine

Ketogenic Diet Red Wine, how is that? When you get together with family to celebrate something, there will be special food or drink that must be there. One of the special drinks that must be present when celebrating something is Wine. The wine itself has several types such as red wine and white wine. Both types of wine are usually distinguished by its usefulness.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage processed using white or green wine as well as some red wine. When drinking wine, we will be addicted and forget ourselves to have to spend 1 bottle of wine. Drinking it with family or relatives while talking makes us unaware of how much wine we have been drinking. The question is, is someone who is dieting may consume wine? For those of you who are on a ketogenic diet should consider the amount of wine you have been assuming. In this discussion, we will discuss ketogenic diet red wine is able to consume or not for someone who runs ketogenic diet wine.

What Is Red Wine?

Ketogenic Diet Red Wine
Before we discuss ketogenic diet red wine is able to consume or not for someone who runs ketogenic diet, we should know what is red wine? Wine is a drink made of fermented grapes using yeast and sugar which afterwards is dipped in a bottle for a year and a half to get the perfect flavor.

Wine itself is used depending on the type, there is used as an appetizer or known as a wine aperitif, in addition to wine there are also other alcoholic beverages commonly used as an appetizer (sherry, vermouth, champagne, and vermouth) and there is dinner wine, wine used as your evening meal companion. If your main course is made of red meat then red wine will be very suitable to be a companion drink for you. Dessert wine, as the name, suggests this type of wine is usually drunk at dessert after all the dishes are finished. Sparkling wine, this type of wine can be eaten whenever you want.

In addition to the functions of wine is also distinguished in taste. The taste in the wine may differ depending on the amount of sugar contained in the wine. The Brut of Nature or very dry type of wine only has 0.5% -1.5% sugar content. Extract sec or called extra dry, sweeter, this type of wine has a sugar content of 1% -3%. For the sake of sec or medium dry, sweet, this type of wine is known to have a characteristic sweet taste which contains 5% -7% sugar levels. The last one is a Doux or very sweet in which the sugar content in this wine reaches more than 7%.

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In addition to the functions and taste of the famous wine has an attractive aroma but has different types of each aroma. Aroma wine is divided into 3, namely Light bodied, Medium bodied, and Full-bodied. Light bodied is a type of wine with a delicate aroma and the aroma of wine left on the very thin glass wall. Some brands that are famous for this type of wine is, Lambrusco, Pinot Noir, Gamay, and St. Laurent. Medium bodied has a medium aroma, as well as the scent of wine that is attached to the glass wall is slightly thinner but more noticeable. For this type of medium, there are many brands that are often sought, namely, Gretsch, Sangiovese, Rhone Blend, Merlot, and Barbara. Full bodied, the aroma of this wine is very strong and the former wine that is attached to the glass wall is very dark and clear. For this type of wine is owned by several wine brands such as Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Malbec, Cabernet, and Nero D’Avola.

Can We Drink Red Wine In Diet Ketogenic?

ketogenic diet and red wine
After we know about some kind of wine we will discuss whether Wine can be consumed during the run of the ketogenic diet. Running ketogenic diet means we change our body metabolism by maximizing fat intake in the body to replace carbohydrates. Our body’s metabolism is accustomed to using glucose contained in carbohydrates to be a source of energy.

But in the ketogenic diet method, we replace the primary energy source with fat. Fat will be in though by the liver to produce substances that function as carbohydrate replacement energy. In running ketogenic diet there are many types of foods that are limited to consume, one of them is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are only allowed to enter our bodies with a very small amount of 20 gr per day. Then, is ketogenic diet red wine able to consume for someone who runs ketogenic diet?

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Nutritional content in 100 grams of wine has a fat content of 0% for those who run low-fat diet, drinking wine may still be allowed, but for those of us who run low carb diet, we need to be more careful when consuming wine. In addition, red wine also has a carbohydrate level of 2.6g from the amount of 100 grams of wine.

Therefore, if you decide to drink red wine you should really keep the amount of wine you drink. Drinking wine while running a ketogenic diet is not a prohibition that should be avoided just pay attention to the amount you consume. The maximum limit of the consumption wine while doing ketogenic diet is only 2 glasses, no more.

If you consume red wine more than 2 glasses then your diet will be in vain because too much carbohydrate that enters into your body. During the diet, the ketogenic liver will be busy to burn fat to be ketone so the liver function as a tool of alcohol filter will be a little neglected and the process of alcohol in our body will take a little time. The presence of alcohol in the body is not a good thing because alcohol should be issued with as soon as possible.

Therefore, drinking red wine while running Ketogenic Diet Red Wine is not prohibited, but that is recommended to avoid.

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