Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol How To Survive

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ketogenic diet and alcohol

ketogenic diet and alcohol, can I be doing both of them? In some articles, you may find that alcohol should be avoided if you are on a keto diet. Not without reason, alcohol should be avoided because it contains high carbohydrates and sugars in it, while keto diet requires you to reduce carbohydrates to a minimum so that the body can achieve ketosis conditions.

If you consume excess carbohydrates during keto diet, your body will have difficulty entering ketosis conditions, so not only will weight loss take longer, but your keto diet will fail. In addition, alcohol also has some negative effects on the health of the body. So, what if you often consume alcohol but want to go keto diet? Should it stop entirely from alcohol? To answer that question, let’s look at the following ketogenic diet and alcohol explanations.

Before starting your diet, we should plan it clearly what is allowed and should not be eaten ago. The first stage you should do is measure your body size. Weigh your weight and height to see if you can go on a diet or not.

Next, adjust the number of calories that come in your body. Use the calorie calculator available on the internet to ensure the right number of calories coming into your body. After that calculate how much fat, carbs, and protein you should eat according to your ideal weight.

How to Do Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol Addict Can Survive?

Can you continue to consume alcohol on the keto diet? In the body, alcohol is metabolized by several processes that generally involve the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). Both of these enzymes help separate alcohol molecules.

First, ADH enzymes can really work for metabolize the alcohol into acetaldehyde and the become the acetate, you also have to know that the acetaldehyde can cause a serious damage to your liver. There is also an alcohol metabolism carried out in other tissues, including the pancreas and the brain, which cause cell and tissue damage. A small amount of alcohol also exists that is metabolized into acetaldehyde in the gastrointestinal tract that can damage acetaldehyde.

Alcohols of all kinds. But all alcohols have the same conclusion, which contains 7 calories in 1 gram and alcohol is a by-product of the fermentation process, in which the sugar compound is activated by yeast which then produces alcohol and carbon dioxide.

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Although it contains high carbohydrates, you actually still be able to consume alcohol without having to lose ketosis conditions in your body. But of course, the amount should be limited because after all, consuming alcohol can slow the weight loss and you will be hard to lose fat in the body.

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When alcohol enters the body, the liver begins to process the alcohol quickly, so the alcohol will be first used by the body before any other nutrients. Alcohol will soon be metabolized by the body so it will burn out before the body releases fat burned for energy.

Consuming alcohol means turning a little fatty acid into a ketone. So, from that process, there is little fat burned. As a result, the formation of new ketones in the body will be reduced. This is because the fatty acids are oxidized to make the ketones suppressed by the alcohol that enters the body.

However, this is not worth the excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Consuming alcohol will only stop burning fat, unlike the consumption of high carbohydrates that will raise insulin levels and shift the body into fat storage mode. Your body will re-burn fat once the alcohol disappears.

Well, you already understand why it is still allowed to consume alcohol on the keto diet? Then can all types of alcohol be freely consumed?

5 Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol Low Carbohydrate Beverages

Most alcohols contain high carbohydrates, so you who are on keto diet cannot carelessly consume alcohol. Better to know the carbohydrate levels in alcohol you drink. Choose alcohol with low carbohydrate content. If you are confused, these five alcohols may be your choice to consume them without interrupting your keto diet program.

  1. Champagne or dry sparkling wine

ketogenic diet and alcohol Champagne

One glass of this drink contains only about 1-gram carbohydrates only. Champagne can be very expensive compared to other types such as sparkling wines or Cava which are available at various prices and can be enjoyed as an aperitif. Drinking this drink can be accompanied by eating healthy foods for the keto diet.

  1. Dry wine – red or white
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ketogenic diet and alcohol Dry wine

Dry wine contains about 2 grams of carbohydrates per glass. Of course, there are reasons why for thousands of years people often consume wine. Maybe one of them is because it tastes good when consumed at meal time. Fortunately, carbohydrate levels in a glass of dry wine are only 2 grams, making it no problem if consumed while you’re on the keto diet.

  1. Skinny Bitch

ketogenic diet and alcohol Dry A glass of bitch skinny drink

A glass of bitch skinny drink contains 0 grams of carbohydrates, wow! Skinny bitch is suitable for you who want to avoid sugar and artificial sweetener. This drink tastes better when mixed with vodka, soda, lime, and some blocks of ice.

  1. Whiskey

ketogenic diet and alcohol Whiskey

A glass of whiskey contains 0 grams of carbohydrates. Did you know that whiskey is made of various grains? Even so, it turns whiskey contains 0 carbohydrates and gluten-free, you know. Whiskey is available in various levels and types. Eating whiskey with a little water can improve the taste than you add ice to it.

  1. Dry Martini

ketogenic diet and alcohol Dry Martini

A dry martini glass contains 0 grams of carbohydrates. The James Bond iconic cocktail is made with gin and vermouth and is decorated with several olive or lemon slices. The dry martini is still the most popular drink.

Although the above alcoholic beverages contain low carbohydrate and can be consumed during keto diet, you should reduce the drink in order to maintain health considering alcohol has some negative impact on health. That’s why ketogenic diet and alcohol should be avoided. Not consuming alcohol is the right step to lose weight quickly and effectively in keto diet.

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