Ketogenic Diet and Colon Cancer Diet Rules

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Ketogenic Diet and Colon Cancer

Ketogenic Diet and Colon Cancer here means how to do ketogenic diet while we have the colon cancer. Having an ideal body weight and a healthy body becomes everyone’s dream. With the ideal weight we can wear clothes and have the appearance that we want. Some people are willing to go on an extreme diet to undergo an operation to reduce body weight.

It is certainly not prohibited; however, you know the risk that you will experience if the extreme diet. Extreme diet is a diet that is done excessively not in accordance with the rules so that someone who carries out extreme diets usually will get adverse side effects on the body.

So, if you want to do a diet should consult with nutritional nutrition to find the type of diet that is suitable for your body. ketogenic diet is one of the diet methods that have helped many people successfully lose their weight by running the diet method. But some things you need to know when running ketogenic diet, is the duration of the implementation of the diet. Standard ketogenic diets are usually only allowed to be implemented for 1-3 months.

But this actually depends on the ability of everybody. There is someone named Carolyn Ketchum has been carrying out a ketogenic diet for seven years. The ability of everybody body in processing food certainly different because the activities and the type of food they eat determine it. Then can we do ketogenic diet forever? Yes, but you should pay attention to your body’s ability. If your body is unable to go on a ketogenic diet you could have a bad effect like colon cancer.

Ketogenic Diet and Colon Cancer Relation to Pay Attentions

Colon cancer is a cancer that attacks the colon of our body. This disease can affect anyone, but usually this disease attacks someone with age more than 60 years. The disease begins with the tone of small clumps of small cells called polyps adenomas attached to the large intestine or our anus that progressively accumulate and eventually spread uncontrollably.

There are some symptoms you should notice and may be experienced by someone if they have colon cancer, the bleeding in the stool or even anal bleeding, if you often experience this should quickly do a doctor check to know the cause. Texture changes in the feces, for example, increase hard or increase liquid, if this happens without an uncertainly cause then you have to check the doctor.

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losing weight, the body often feel tired pain or cramps in the abdomen, as well as increased frequency of defecation or diarrhea and alternate with constipation. Some on symptoms above may not be felt by everyone, but the most common symptom is the unpredictability of the stomach. If this happens you should immediately consult yourself to get further treatment.

What causes colon cancer? then what is the relationship between ketogenic diet and colon cancer? Most colon cancer sufferers are caused by lineage. This is because cancer cells spread irregularly affecting the cell’s cell DNA on a person’s body so that the cell is decreased in offspring. In addition to hereditary factors there are other causes that cause colon cancer, too much consumption of red meat, this is of course very related to ketogenic diet method where we reduce carbohydrates and replace it by consuming fat one of which comes from red meat. Thus, a person on a ketogenic diet has a big risk to get a colon cancer.

Other causes of colon cancer are lacking fiber as well, most people are not too fond of consuming vegetables and rarely consume fruit. This is what causes the lack of fiber in our body that can help launch the expenditure of feces on the body. Smoking, as we know substances contained in cigarettes is a dangerous substance that can damage the body slowly if we consume it in a long period of time, then reduce your consumption of cigarettes for health in the future. Rarely do sports, this is very often done by many people with busy excuses and too much work so there is no time to exercise, it can actually cause our bodies weakened because it was never trained. Doing sports does not have to spend much time we just need with 30 minutes a day we can get the benefits of healthy living.

Handling colon cancer

Then what will we do if we have been diagnosed with colon cancer in our body? First of all, we must know first stage of development of colon cancer on our body. The first stage or stage 1, at this stage of cancer has begun to grow in the body but has not spread widely because it is still blocked by the intestinal wall.

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Then in stage 2 the cancers have spread to the wall of the intestinal and penetrate it. In stage 3 the lymph nodes that are near the colon will be gnawed by cancer cells. The final stage or stage 4 is the most severe level where cancer cells increasingly spread the entire human body and begin to gnaw the other organs of the body.

So, from that required proper handling in order to cure colon cancer, if we are still in the early stages of cancer, we can perform surgery performed through colonoscopy to eliminate cancer growth. But if we are already in the final stages then the treatment of cancer that we do in the form of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The right way of doing any of diet method, you can do it I an extreme way. Ketogenic diet also has rules, but it must be well applied on your body. Both of the method has a function to shrink the size of cancer tumors in order to do surgical removal. Doing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy of course will require a very large cost therefore we should maintain health to prevent this disease. For someone who is on a ketogenic diet be aware of the occurrence of ketogenic diet and colon cancer, to prevent it happening you should balance the intake of red meat and increase fiber intake and balance by doing sports.

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