Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy in Adults Treatment to Cure

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the ketogenic diet for intractable epilepsy in adults preliminary results the ketogenic diet for intractable epilepsy in adults

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy in Adults – Diet is not just aiming to lose a person’s weight. A diet method has a primary function in addition to decrease a person’s weight. Diet method that we will discuss is the method of the ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet plan for epilepsy in adults method is a diet method that was created to treat epilepsy.

epilepsy disease suffered by children although initially only intended for children and over time diet is also used to treat epilepsy in adults. How can a dietary method be a cure for a disease? In this discussion, we will discuss more the relationship between ketogenic diet and epilepsy in adults.

Moreover, the study of ketogenic diet treatment for epilepsy, one of the side effects that arise consistently is the headache. The problem of a headache generally happens. You may currently be experiencing now, which is possibly related to muscle tension around the head (and of course, this is not because of spending too much time to read thick books that informative).

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy in Adults Research

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy in Adults ketogenic diet plan for epilepsy in adults ketogenic diet for epilepsy in adults

Before the discussing about ketogenic diet and epilepsy in adults, we should know first what is epilepsy? Epilepsy is a disease that attacks the brain due to electrical problems that disrupt the nerves in the brain. In general epilepsy disease has a common symptom of seizures but not all people who have seizures is epilepsy, therefore this discussion will be discussed more deeply about epilepsy disease in adults. epilepsy disease itself is divided in the o 2 namely:

  1. General Epilepsy

This type of epilepsy attacks the entire organ of the brain. There are several classifications categorized as generalized epilepsy as follows:

  1. Epilepsy Petit Mal

This type of epilepsy usually occurs in childhood. Patients will usually experience sudden interruption of consciousness. Symptoms include blank stares and repeated flashing movements. This situation usually only lasts a few seconds, after which the patient will return to normal conditions.

  1. Epilepsy Grand Mall

This type of epilepsy involves all areas of the brain and the cause of epilepsy in adults occurs suddenly. Patients who experience it will experience convulsions and make not clear voices even to cry. On the organs of the eye will generally be open and the breath becomes heavy and noisy and if the condition gets worse, then the patient will also issue froth from his mouth.

  1. Epilepsy Myoclonic Juvenile
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If the epilepsy is generally biased we will be shown general symptoms such as seizures then, in this type of epilepsy can result in the patient suddenly make a jerking movement and could just throw the stuff he held suddenly.

  1. Partial Epilepsy

If general epilepsy is caused by other disorders of the other parts of the brain it is the case with epilepsy partial which only involves a part of the brain so that only certain body parts will be attacked. Partial epilepsy is divided into two types:

  1. Simple Partial Epilepsy

This type of epilepsy bias does not lose consciousness. Because only part of the brain is attacked then, if part of the brain that controls the hands involved, then the hand of the patient will occur repetitive movements of the rhythmic on the hands. In other parts of the brain are involved then the sufferer feels a strange sensation such as a feeling of fullness in the stomach and a sense of resistance in a place.

  1. Complex Partial Epilepsy

Symptoms of this type of epilepsy are almost similar to simple epilepsy partials, but symptoms of this type will be accompanied by hallucinations so that the patient will be in a state of consciousness.

Once we know about some types of epilepsy we should also know more about the factors that may cause epilepsy in adults,

  1. Genetic Influence, the most powerful main factor of epilepsy disease. This factor cannot be avoided because we cannot know how this disease is in our body. All you have to do is keep your body from getting too frequent seizure.
  2. Trauma on the head, banging head on hard objects can be one of the factors causing epilepsy in adults. therefore, try to keep your head from impact or injury of various injuries that may damage the brain nerve and cause epilepsy
  3. Dementia, in addition to injury caused by impact from the outside of the head, damage to the interior of the brain caused by any age factor can be the cause of epilepsy disease
  4. the development of other diseases, Other diseases can also affect the development of brain function we have the other diseases involving the performance of the brain such as heart, autism, and down syndrome, can be the cause of epilepsy in adults.
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Seizures that occur in people with epilepsy may be common but seizures occur because it was triggered by something. Here are some factors that may be a trigger for the occurrence of seizures in patients with epilepsy disease

  1. Negligence to take medication
  2. Irregular eating patterns
  3. Excessive pleasure and sadness
  4. sick and have a high fever
  5. the occurrence of changes in hormonal conditions such as menstruation in women.

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

After we know about epilepsy disease let us discuss the relationship between ketogenic diet and epilepsy in adults. As we know epilepsy disease caused by an electrical disturbance in the brain nerve excessive. Several studies have been done to reduce the side effects of seizures caused by epilepsy and Experts have found a solution by reducing the source of brain power derived from carbohydrates.

In the beginning, there was a debate because we reduce the amount of brain power source then how can one live and can think well? It turns out that the power of the ketosis process can make a person’s brain survive and reduce the effects of seizures from epilepsy disease. Of these, the ketogenic diet method was invented and used today. Reduce the carb intake drastically which means replacing the main source of energy using other substances that fat turned out to have considerable benefits for the health of a person’s body.

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