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Ketogenic Diet Cancer Testimonials

Ketogenic Diet Cancer Testimonials – What is the reason why someone is on a diet? Most people go on a diet just to lose weight on their body. however, actually doing a diet is not only used to lose a person’s weight. An example is the diet ketogenic diet was created not as a method of weight loss such as diet methods in general. This diet is intended for people with epilepsy disease to reduce the seizures they experience.

The result of this diet is success lowering the seizure in epilepsy patients so this diet is widely used to treat epilepsy sufferers. With this success many scientists who started using this diet method as a method of healing. One of them lose weight that eventually this diet became very popular due to the success of losing a person’s weight.

Not only weight loss diet is also used to reduce and prevent the occurrence of cancer in a person. Cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell growth that destroys and infiltrates the healthy cells in our body. cancer cells can be anywhere on our body so we have to maintain good health so that cancer cells do not grow and attack our bodies. cancer does not yet have a definite drug that can cure it completely but there are several ways you can use to prevent cell cancer does not spread and damage our tissues. One way to guard your health is by keeping food intake.

Dieting is a way that can make cancer cells in the body weak and not spread quickly. But not all types of diets have the same effect. One type of diet that is widely used by survivor cancer to survive is ketogenic diet. Why is ketogenic diet used by cancer patients? In this discussion we will discuss about how a ketogenic diet can alleviate cancer and their ketogenic diet cancer testimonials survive from cancer by applying ketogenic diet.

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Ketogenic Diet Effect on Cancer


Basically, the ketogenic diet is widely used for the treatment of epilepsy. But it turns out the benefits of this method is not only work on epilepsy but can help weaken cancer cell. This has certainly been supported by various researches that show the greatness of ketogenic diet. Cancer can be treated through therapy and surgery.

Both of these treatments require a huge cost to be lived. Thus, many researchers are beginning to look for other methods that can be used to weaken cancer cells. One that can be used is the ketogenic diet. We know that this diet uses a low carb diet method to replace carbohydrates as well as minimize glucose as a major energy source and replace it with fat.

So, what makes this method suitable for cancer cells? Do you know if the main food of cell cancer is glucose? With glucose cancer cells can spread very quickly and damage our bodies. by minimizing the intake of glucose in the body will certainly make cancer cells become weaker and more easily overcome. This concept is the basis of many scientists who started research on ketogenic diets in cancer. We will know ketogenic diet cancer testimonials in cancer patients.

Ketogenic Diet Cancer Testimonials Will Motivated You Out!

After knowing the benefits of ketogenic diet in the following cancer we present ketogenic diet cancer testimonials of cancer patients who have used this diet method on their body.

  1. Alison Gannet is the world champion extreme skier, ski star movie, and ICAN diet coach, in 2013 he was convicted of having malignant brain cancer. Together with her doctor Alison underwent a series of tests to check her condition. Immune conditions, blood sugar levels, food sensitivity, and hormones present in Alison’s body were tested to ensure that Alison could use the ketogenic diet as one of her treatment methods. After undergoing all tests, Alison started applying ketogenic diet to her body. And the surprising thing happened, until now Alison can still survive and can live his life normally even though he got cancer. and she persisted on a ketogenic diet.
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2. Patricia Daly, shares the story of how she can survive cancer with the ketogenic diet method. In 2008 Patricia was diagnosed as having malignant melanoma of the eye. It makes her feel depressed. With the help of her husband she began to seek information about her illness and what she needed to cure her illness. She almost lost his sight when he gave birth to his first child but he was still able to survive. She has done many types of therapy to cure her cancer but in fact the therapy is not enough to help herself. Until, finally she went to a nutritionist to get an advice about the food and eventually made her running ketogenic diet. She also runs the ketogenic diet and can survive with the cancer it undergoes. When, she returns to see a doctor to check for cancer. the surprising result that cancer cells in her eyes did not spread and did weaken. It really does become a miracle for Patricia.

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