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ketogenic diet cardio

ketogenic diet cardio, how to go through it? Exercise is important for the health of the body. Regular exercise is a highly recommended thing for everyone who wants to have a healthy body fit. In addition, to beneficial for body health, exercise is also proven to help you lose weight.

One of the most widely performed sports is cardio exercise. Sports this one is often a support for the success of diets that are underway, including keto diet. Ketogenic diet cardio becomes one of the solutions for faster weight loss. Indeed, what are the benefits and what kind of cardio exercise is good done?

The Benefits of Ketogenic Diet Cardio

Doing cardio exercise has many benefits for the body, especially when undergoing a diet program. Here are the benefits you will get from cardio exercise during a keto diet!

  • The body enters ketosis more quickly

Really by doing cardio, the body can get into ketosis faster? Ketosis is the process by which the body’s metabolism turns into the combustion of ketone compounds (derived from fatty acids) as a source of energy resulting from a lack of glucose supply commonly used as a source of energy for the body. The body takes a few days (even weeks) to get into this condition. With cardio exercise, the body will need more energy and eventually burn up all the supplies of glucose at a faster rate. This allows the body to enter ketosis conditions faster.

  • Improve cardiovascular health

One of the main benefits of cardio exercise is to help improve cardiovascular health. This exercise will increase heart rate. The heart is a muscular organ, so by training, it not only can improve blood circulation but also strengthen it. A strong cardiovascular system will facilitate the distribution of oxygen into the body’s cells and muscles.

  • Increase total daily energy expenditure

When the body loses a lot of weight, it would be easy to see the results without having to track food intake while undergoing keto diet. When weight loss is nearing its destination, you may experience a condition where the weight has not gone down again. If it’s like this, lower your daily caloric intake or increase energy spending through physical activity such as cardio exercise. The basic idea is, weight loss is the result of the number of calories that come out compared to incoming calories. By increasing the burning of calories, a weight will continue to fall.

  • Improve mental condition and mood
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Sometimes doing keto diet is difficult. Doing cardio exercise not only helps the body get fitter but also makes releasing chemicals or endorphins that can improve mood after exercise. Confidence will increase as you feel more confident in appearance.

  • Tighten the skin

When the body loses a lot of weight during the keto diet, the skin may become stretched afterwards. It takes some time for the skin to re-adjust to the new body shape. But the skin problem can be reduced by filling the body with muscle mass. Do cardio exercises to build muscle mass and restore toned skin.

Despite the many benefits that can be obtained from cardio exercise during keto diet, it is worth noting also the type of cardio exercise and the recommended duration. Exercise too hard or too long will not be good for body health and smooth keto diet. For that should pay attention to the true sports cardio such as what is good during the keto diet.

Ketogenic Diet Cardio Recommendation

Implementing keto diet may be difficult if you are not an athlete or a bodybuilder. Especially if the main form of exercise is done is cardio. Fortunately, with cardio exercise, you do not need to exercise with high intensity which requires the body to burn sugar and carbohydrates to get the results. Simply put, what needs to be done is to raise your heart rate and defend it. Due to low-to-moderate cardio intensity, keto diet will not interfere with the performance of a cardio exercise. In fact, the body may be able to exercise longer without feeling tired even though the body is in ketosis condition. As a result, weight decreased faster and increased body health after doing this sport.

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Doing cardio with moderate intensity is highly recommended to get the maximum benefit. At a moderate intensity level, the target heart rate should rise by about 50% to 70% of the maximum heart rate. How to calculate it? It’s easy, by reducing your age from 220. For example, in a 40-year-old, the approximate age-related heart rate will be counted as 220-40 years = 180 beats per minute (bpm). Thus, known at the 50% level (180 x 0.50) is 90 bpm and the 70% level (180 x 0.70) is 126 bpm. Thus, your 40-year-old is recommended to maintain a heart rate between 90 bpm and 126 bpm during moderate cardio exercise.

If you just started doing cardio exercises, keep your heart rate at 50% for 10-15 minutes. You should increase your exercise duration by 5 minutes each week. Do it until you can do it between 30 to 45 minutes with an average heart rate of about 50% of the calculated maximum. After that, you can begin to increase the intensity of cardio exercise every week until your body is able to exercise about 70% of the maximum heart rate. Cardio exercise can be done by running, swimming, cycling, circuit training, interval training classes, recreational sports, and aerobic training classes.

Perform ketogenic cardio diet gradually by increasing the duration of time each week. Keep in mind that your strength may decrease as a result of the lack of carbohydrate intake. To avoid this, consider doing a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) or Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) that allows you to increase energy from additional carbohydrate intake. That way of ketogenic diet cardio process will run well and you will feel the benefits.

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