Ketogenic Diet Clinical Trial Cure Epilepsy And Cancer

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Ketogenic Diet Clinical Trial might make you happy with the result! Do you know why diet is created? A diet is generally created to lose a person’s weight. The diet will be used on someone who is overweight or called obesity. But not all diets are used for a person’s weight gain, for example ketogenic diets. This diet method was originally used to reduce seizure disorders in patients with epilepsy.

The problem of obesity and other health has become our main focus in life. Obesity, of course, you already know a lot of bad health impacts, right?! All kinds of diet methods you should try but find a diet method that really suits your body is not an easy thing. But ketogenic diet is actually the opposite, although reap a lot of controversial, many are also successful in doing this unique diet method.

Before using this diet, there must be several series of medical experiments to determine whether the diet is able to reduce seizures and safe if applied to a person. Clinical trials on this diet work and can be used as one of the methods of treatment of epilepsy. But the results of clinical trials show ketogenic diet will be more influential in child sufferers, and do not have a big effect in adult patients. But along with the development of age and increasingly powerful technology, some research states that this diet can also be used for patients with adult epilepsy.

But not only used by adult epilepsy, the current method of ketogenic diet is also widely used as a method of treating other diseases, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Then do the doctors agree to use this diet method for the disease? In this discussion we will discuss more about the ketogenic diet clinical trial. So, we can know more about the benefits of ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet Clinical Trial on Obese and Cancer

Ketogenic diet method called as diet method that has many health benefits as well as one’s method of treatment makes many researchers interested in learning more about this ketogenic diet. Many research has been done to prove the benefits of the ketogenic diet. There is research on the use of ketogenic diet against obese people, in diabetics, and cancer. the following we will discuss about ketogenic diet clinical trial on obese and cell cancer.

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  1. Clinical test on obesity, after its use in epilepsy disease, this diet is widely used to lose weight who have obesity problem. Many researchers have done this research. Ketogenic diet is known to lose a person’s weight but the method and weight loss mechanism that is the research. The researchers looked for any harmful side effects that might be caused by the ketogenic diet method if applied to obese people. In his research many results are shown by the method of ketogenic diet. There is mention that weight loss in this method is caused by the low intake of calories in the body and the filling effect caused by the amount of protein that enters. There are also researchers who mentioned the use of fat as a source of energy is what causes the weight loss of a person. In studies conducted on obese people, they will experience a decrease in appetite when ketogenic diet, so the caloric intake in the body is reduced but the energy used is derived from fat so that weight loss will be more obtained than other dietary methods. So, the results showed that this diet is suitable for weight loss a person.
  2. Research methods ketogenic diet in cancer patients, cancer is a very dangerous disease that attacks the human body, even until now cancer cannot be completely cured. However, several studies on ketogenic diets show a successful slowing of cell cancer development due to the application of ketogenic diets. In 1955 the study of cell cancer response to ketogenic diet, conducted a study of 2 children who experience astrocytoma conditions. Then on the cell cancer in one of the children experienced weakness after a 12-month ketogenic diet and can survive until the age of 10 years. This suggests that the ketogenic diet can weak cell cancer depending on the body’s response indicated. If we conclude that ketogenic diet may be able to relieve or reduce the spread caused by cell cancer, but it does not apply to everyone. The response of a person’s body is different, then the use of ketogenic diet method against cancer patients is not recommended. But if your body shows a good response then it will be okay if you apply this diet method.
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Ketogenic Diet Clinical Trial Benefits

We already know about the many benefits shown by ketogenic diet to the health of a person’s body after ketogenic diet clinical trial. However, each person has some different survival skills so that the application of this diet will not be the same for everyone. So, if you want to apply this method of dieting you should consult your doctor to see if this diet will match and show a good response on your body if your body responds well then you can continue this ketogenic diet.

But if the effect is not good then stop the application of this diet. The side effects of ketogenic diets on a person are not good because the effects they cause show the damage to important organs so that instead of becoming healthier, your body will show a damaging long-term effect. Lack of certain nutrients in the body will certainly damage the body’s metabolism system.

As already mentioned above that this diet method reaps a lot of success stories for most people, the method of diet that had been reaping negative controversy is in fact actually even able to cure some chronic diseases such as epilepsy and cancer. At least this diet method will be very helpful in the healing process of both chronic diseases.

Therefore, after successfully undergoing ketogenic diet should start using the diet without reducing the intake of nutrients in the body. Plan a healthy diet that fits your caloric intake needs so your body will stay healthy and maintain the weight you have dropped under a Ketogenic Diet Clinical Trial.



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