Ketogenic Diet Dangers Might Scary You

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ketogenic diet dangers Ketogenic diet kidney problems

Ketogenic diet dangers might make you afraid to choose this diet method. Want to try to lose weight? When you try to search the internet for an effective diet method to lose weight, you may find ketogenic, or better known as keto diet, as the answer.

Diets that require you to eat foods low in carbohydrate and high fat is indeed known and proven to lose weight quickly. That is why many people choose this diet method.

In addition, keto diet is also known to prevent and even treat some dangerous diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, and even heart disease. But in addition to its many benefits, this diet also has side effects that can harm the body. is a ketogenic diet dangerous? What are ketogenic diet dangers? Let us refer to the information below.

Ketogenic Diet Dangers That Need to Be Wary Of

If you intend to undergo keto diet, whether it’s to lose weight or treat certain diseases, you should consider the dangers of this diet. There are several side effects that can be felt in the short and long term. For that, it is very important to know what are the dangers that can be generated from this diet.

  1. Nausea and vomiting

Keto diet will force the body to change the role of carbohydrates originating as a source of energy into a fat burner. Dietary changes in dietary keto make the body must adjust to the new diet and make the body’s metabolism work harder than usual. That is why during this diet the body will feel nausea and vomiting.

  1. Problems with the exhaust system

Keto diet digestive problems. Frequent urination while undergoing this diet is the result of burning fat that occurs in the body. The fat that has been burned will be removed through urine or urine. This is actually natural in the diet keto process. But frequent urination can cause activity and comfort your body so disturbed. In addition, keto diet also affects the difficulty of defecation (constipation). This happens because your body loses fluid and salt, so it gets dehydrated. Dietary diets recommend that you eat lots of fat, so unbalanced fiber intake will upset the digestive system.

  1. Dizziness and headaches

The lack of incoming carbohydrate levels affects the sugar levels in the body. As a result, the blood circulation in the body becomes slow and less smooth, especially in the brain. In addition, consuming too much fat causes fat levels in the body to increase. That’s why while undergoing keto diet you will experience dizziness and headaches. In fact, not infrequently you will experience tingling and cramps.

  1. Abnormal blood fats
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Eating foods high in fat and limiting the intake of other foods make the content of substances and molecules in the blood to be abnormal. Abnormal blood fat levels will be harmful to the health of the body because it can cause various diseases. So, after this diet, you should always pay attention to the intake of food consumed.

  1. Metabolic disorders of the body

Changing the diet becomes high fat and low carbohydrates make the body must adjust hard. Undergoing keto diets make the body must do the turn of the metabolic system, where the body will attempt to burn fat. As a result, the metabolic system is disrupted. Another reason, the lack of understanding about keto diet by eating only low-carbohydrate, medium protein, and moderate fat. It can also disrupt the metabolic system.

  1. Mood disorders

Drastic diet changes, the selection of limited and strict food types, the many types of foods that do not support the usual diet, the number of temptations to be faced, cannot be denied will lead to mood disorders. This makes you unable to enjoy the food consumed.

  1. Impaired growth

If you are still in the growing age, you should think again if you want to go on this diet. When keto diet, you will lack nutritional intake and substances, such as calcium and phosphorus and vitamin D. Lack of intake will affect the growth of bone in the body because these substances are needed bones to build and replace cells. Such conditions in addition to inhibiting growth, also potentially cause abnormalities in the bone and at risk of reducing the body’s immune.

  1. The performance and function of organs declining

Limiting the type of food while undergoing keto diet makes the body lack nutrients needed to support the health of the body. Not only that, these nutrients are also used to make the organs of the body still work optimally. Therefore, lack of nutrients can reduce the performance and function of organs in the body.

  1. Kidney stones

Ketogenic diet kidney problems – The amount of fat intake consumed resulted in the amount of protein and salt content that enter the body. This will make the kidneys difficult to filter the blood and then form a lump of crystals in the kidney which will eventually become kidney stones.

The existence of side effects caused by keto diet does not mean you should not go through it. It’s OK if you want to go on this diet. It’s just necessary careful, understanding, and careful planning so that side effects are not harming yourself and can be reduced to the effect on the body.

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Reduce the Effects of Ketogenic Diet Dangers

Side effects that arise when you undergo keto diet are also called keto flu. Usually, these side effects appear in the short term, such as mood disorders, nausea and vomiting, digestive discomfort, decreased body performance and so forth. To reduce it, you can try to reduce carbohydrate intake slowly in the first week before the end of carbohydrate intake is very limited and even eliminated. This will help the body to more easily adapt to changes in dietary diets where the body will burn more fat.

You also need to maintain the balance of water and minerals in the body. This can be done by adding extra salt to the food you consume or taking a mineral supplement. For mineral supplements, you should take 3000 – 4000 mg of sodium, 1000 mg of potassium, and 300 mg of magnesium per day. Other supplements that may help reduce the effects of dietary hazards are MCT oil, caffeine, exogenous ketones, creatine and whey proteins.

For that, consider again whether you really want to undergo keto diet. Keto diets are indeed effective in losing weight and treating some dangerous diseases but note also the dangers that may occur in the body. Understand correctly the essence of the keto diet and how to do this diet well. Some of the effects that arise from the lack of understanding to undergo the wrong keto diet. Try to minimize ketogenic diet dangers so as not to have a very serious impact on your body.

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