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Ketogenic Diet Foods for Cancer patients ketogenic diet foods list for cancer foods allowed on ketogenic diet for cancer

Ketogenic Diet Foods for Cancer should follow the rules. Because as we know in ketogenic diet we are not at all allowed to consume carbohydrates in the mass diet. This is intended for our bodies ketosis, so using or burning fat to be in source our energy that was originated from carbohydrates.

In the body of a person who has entered the stage ketosis, then the metabolism of the body will change. If your body usually burns carbohydrates into glucose which we use as a source of energy, then in the state of ketosis is the fat that will replace the source of energy.

In this case, the ketogenic diet can also help cure some chronic diseases such as epilepsy and cancer. Some research proves that this ketogenic diet can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the human body. So since then, the ketogenic diet is recommended to support the healing of cancer.

What is someone do to maintain health? Many ways that can be done to maintain our body health. Keeping the environment clean, keeping the intake of Ketogenic Diet Foods for Cancer that enters the body, exercise to keep the body healthy. These three things may be able to prevent us from getting sick of the disease however. We do not know exactly where the disease came from. When we have been diagnosed with a disease, we inevitably receive and undergo treatment.

One of the most important treatments for people with disease is usually the limit of food consumption. This is caused because his body was not able to work normally due to the disease he suffered. Dieting is one way out for the sufferer. Dieting does not mean we want to lose weight, but the health factor of the body that must be maintained is one of the main factors of diet. ketogenic diets for example. This diet was created for the cure of epilepsy disease.

Although, this disease basically cannot be cured at least with ketogenic diet can reduce the seizures that often occur in the patient. Not only is the disease epilepsy ketogenic diet also beginning to be used as a diet method to help diabetes and cancer. As we know cancer is a deadly disease that can cause death to anyone who suffers.

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However, several studies have proven that ketogenic diets can cause cancer and inhibit cancer growth so that people with cancer can survive longer. To get the benefits of our discipline of food intake must be maintained so that the results obtained will be maximized. In this discussion we will discuss about foods that you can consume with the diet method ketogenic diet food for cancer.

Kinds of Ketogenic Diet Food for Cancer

Mostly, the food consumed on the dietary method of ketogenic diet food for cancer is not different from the standard diet of ketogenic diet. We should limit carbohydrate intake to 5% per day or equivalent to 30 grams of carbohydrates per day.

This is because cancer cells are known to get a source of energy from glucose produced by carbohydrates. The intake of glucose obtained cancer cells used to spread the cancer cells to the whole body and make the body condition getting worse. Therefore, the limits of carbohydrates in this diet are very minimal.

But as a replacement we can consume 25% protein and 70% fat that will replace the function of carbohydrates as the main energy source in the body. substances resulting from the process of burning fat is becomes the energy. Therefore high-fat foods are essential for the ketogenic diet. Here is a list of foods you can consume during a ketogenic diet.

  1. Meat, meat has high protein, fat levels and low carbohydrate levels so that this food is the main food for someone who run ketogenic diet, beef, lamb, turkey, fish, chicken and duck. You can assume in accordance with the required amount.
  2. Vegetables, to meet the needs of carbohydrates in the vegetable body that plays an important role. There in vegetables contained high enough carbohydrates to meet the needs of carbohydrates ketogenic diet. Cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and kale.
  3. Oil, oil has an important role to increase fat intake person, but not all oil can be consuming, oil with high fat content like, almond oil, extra virgin oil, and coconut oil is oil with high fat content.
  4. Beans and seeds, nuts and seeds can be used as snacks during a ketogenic diet. With the high fat content, it has, beans are the best snacks for ketogenic diets, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and chia seeds are nuts with high fat and low carbo.
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Type of food above is food that you can consume during run ketogenic diet. But not everyone can eat the food. If you are diagnosed with cancer you should seek your nutritionist’s advice on suitable foods that you can consume during a ketogenic diet to improve your body condition.

“Avoid List” Ketogenic Diet Food for Cancer

If you already know the ketogenic diet food for cancer is good for you. You should also know which foods to avoid in order to smooth your diet and your health.

  1. Fruit, contains a lot of sugar and carbo is the most avoided for the executor of ketogenic diet, therefore fruits are strictly prohibited for consumption during keto diet, except avocado and berries all type of fruit is prohibited.
  2. Sugars or artificial sweeteners, sweet foods such as sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners contained in foods is prohibited for consumption
  3. Foods with high carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, wheat and oatmeal include foods that should not be consumed while running ketogenic diet.
  4. Coffee and tea, coffee and tea are a drink that is widely consumed by people other than mineral water. But unfortunately, you should not be to consume this drink. if you still want to consume both of these drinks then you should drink it without any sugar added.

Those are some foods that are forbidden to eat, so from that why you should avoid these foods and keep your food with ketogenic diet food for cancer that is allowed when doing ketogenic diet.


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