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Ketogenic Diet For Type 1 Diabetes food and vegetable

Ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes should be really pay attention because a person with diabetic record cannot consume some of fats. The ketogenic diet is a diet that has the principle of reducing carbohydrates and sugars that are substituted into fat to produce energy.

Diabetes is a disease of high levels of sugar in the body because the body can no longer break down carbohydrates and sugars into energy. If seen from the understanding of the ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes, then you will say that ketogenic diet is a diet that is suitable for people with diabetes. But before concluding we should discuss in advance where more benefits or risks caused by ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes.

Ketogenic Diet For Type 1 Diabetes Benefits

There is some debate among scientists about the ketogenic diet that is applied to diabetics because some foods that are recommended for dietary ketogenic is actually prohibited for diabetics but by looking at the concept of dietary benefits of ketogenic diet should be this could be one option used by people with diabetes.

In people with type 1 diabetes, their bodies can no longer break down carbohydrates and sugar into energy because their bodies cannot produce insulin that works to break down carbo and sugar into Energy. One way that diabetics can break down sugar in their bodies is by drinking artificial insulin.

Eating fat like meat can also help diabetics to get energy. By eating protein and fat with a 2: 1 ratio with carbo it can help people with type 1 diabetes reduce their sugar levels, vitamin consumption and supplements are also needed to increase the metabolism of people with type 1 diabetes.

Ketogenic Diet For Type 1 Diabetes Have The Risks Also!

Some scientists claim that the ketogenic diet is not suitable for diabetics because of the risk that may be caused if they do the ketogenic diet. Long term effects that may be caused by the ketogenic diet process are kidney and heart due to the abundance of bad fats that may accumulate due to the consumption of a lot of fat.

as well as kidney disease that can be caused by ketones substances that are produced when changing fat into Energy can damage kidney performance and lead to more severe disease. In the diet of ketogenic should actually be accompanied by a nutritionist to see whether the diet is suitable or not for some type 1 diabetics.

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There are some people who managed to implement ketogenic diets there are also who even experienced compilation illness. Different reactions experienced by everyone requires that diabetics get the attention of nutritionists about whether or not ketogenic diets are appropriate for them.

Please underline this! A diet would not say succeed if you don’t bring a healthy life!

Ketogenic Diet For Type 1 Diabetes Suitable Foods

If a person with type 1 diabetes can go on a ketogenic diet then there are some food rules to watch out for. The recommended dietary intake is fat + protein = carbohydrate where the ratio between the two is 2: 1 because the ketogenic diet requires fat to break down into energy. Foods recommended for people with type 1 diabetes are nuts with low carbo, avocado fruit is a suitable fruit because it contains protein and fat quite a lot. vegetables are also the recommended foods for dietary ketogenic because vegetables have good vitamin levels for the body.

Brown rice even though diabetics have excess sugar in their body still require carbohydrate sources of carbohydrates such as brown rice that does not have high sugar content is a good choice for people with type 1 diabetes. In processing type 1 diabetes foods that do ketogenic diet should use olive oil or coconut oil to fry because both oils are beneficial for fat enhancers who are implementing ketogenic diet.

We can also mix mayonnaise in our food preparations. beverages that you can consume when carrying out ketogenic diet are water, milk with high fat, tea and coffee without sweetener or excess sugar.


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Foods To Avoid – Ketogenic Diet For Type 1 Diabetes

Foods that should be avoided for diabetics who do the ketogenic diet that is corn, rice and oats, these foods have high carbohydrate levels that can lead to the failure of ketogenic diet that is not implemented. The selection of beans must also be considered because not all the usual random we eat and suitable for diet ketogenic.

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Fruit consumption should also be limited because of the high sugar content in the fruit, only certain fruits such as berries and avocados are suitable for ketogenic diets. If you still want to eat other fruits you should eat according to the dosage so that the sugar in your body is not excessive. Using sweeteners such as honey and sugar should be taken seriously.

Eating protein is recommended for people who carry out ketogenic diets but protein produced from processed meat is not good for a smooth ketogenic diet, avoid processed meats like, sausage, smoked beef, and nuggets. In addition to processed meat, you should also avoid foods with the low fat lure. The food does have a low fat content but the food has a high sugar content so it does not fit with a ketogenic diet.

Other foods to avoid are processed foods like bread, cake, ice cream, and candies that have a very high sugar content. Drinks such as beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages should also be avoided because in these drinks have high carbohydrate content but low in protein and fat so it is not suitable for someone who is on a ketogenic diet. In addition to alcoholic beverages such as soda and fruit flavoured drinks should be avoided because it has excessive sugar content and can ruin the ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes.

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