Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain Guide

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ketogenic diet for muscle growth

Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain must be done in a right way. In undergoing ketogenic diet that aims to increase our muscle mass, we should prefer foods that contain high protein. We also should assume low-fat foods, still, contain fat but high protein priority. Because this high protein will greatly help us to increase muscle mass.

Running a ketogenic diet is proven to lose weight, lower one’s blood pressure, normalize blood sugar levels of type 1 diabetes and prevent the spread of cell cancer. There are so many benefits offered by this diet method, but do you know if this diet method can also be used as media to gain muscle mass? How can we gain muscle mass when we lose weight? It may confuse you. Gaining muscle mass is usually performed for athletes who will follow a competition. But the not only athlete, increase muscle mass of a person is also usually done by many men who want to get a good body shape. For someone who has low weight condition increase muscle mass is one way that your body does not look too thin. Then what is the effect of ketogenic diet on the rise of one’s muscle mass? In this discussion, we will reveal further about ketogenic diet for muscle gain.

You can also choose to use spray oil in your healthy food process. It will remain fatty but to a small degree. In addition to using Cooking Spray, you can reduce the amount of cooking oil that enters your body so that the amount of bad cholesterol that is in your body decreases and you will be healthy. Not just healthy you can feel but also you can get the shape of the body according to your will.

How to do Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain

Gaining muscle mass, a person needs special needs that can improve their muscle performance. Gaining the muscle mass of a person’s food intake becomes a very important thing to be considered. Not only does your food intake has many important things to do to gain your muscle mass. Here are some important things you should look at to gain your muscle mass.

  1. Weight training, doing weight training can train and increase the strength of your muscular endurance. You can use a barbell or dumbbell to start your muscle workout. If you are ready you can continue to increase the weight of the barbell you use.
  2. Increase calories, multiply your body’s caloric intake into one of the ways you can increase your muscle mass consumption of more foods will certainly add to your weight and facilitate muscle formation.
  3. Expand protein, more food intake is needed but the required food intake is not arbitrary. Protein intake is the most important intake for the formation of muscle mass because the protein affects the formation of muscle.
  4. Eating lots of fat, in addition to protein fat intake also needs to be improved. Consumption of good fats in the body can increase HDL levels in the body that can help prevent injury to the muscles.
  5. Consumption of nuts, eating nuts as a snack is needed to increase the fat and protein in the body. Nuts also contain good Vitamin E to increase muscle strength so it can form strong muscles.
  6. Adequate sleep, in addition to exercise and also the intake of foods that are important for the formation of one’s muscles, sleep is also something to do because our muscles will grow when we sleep. Make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours per day to get the best result.
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Here’s what you can do for your body’s muscle formation, but don’t make a mistake with the word muscle gain meaning. Gaining muscle does not always make the body have a more muscular body with a lot of muscle in the body. Gaining muscle can also be utilized as a tool to launch the body’s metabolism, not only that the formation of muscle in a person can also be useful for tightening certain body parts, with the skin tightness then our body will look younger. Not only that with the formation of muscles it will facilitate our movement because the body will feel more fit due to the many exercises that we do. Many of the benefits that we can from the formation of body muscles, so will you gain muscles of your body using ketogenic diet for muscle gain?

Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain Types

Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain

We have discussed what we can do to build and raise muscle mass in our bodies. One of them is exercise, raising protein consumption, and raising fat consumption. The third thing is certainly related to the ketogenic diet which we consume more fat and protein than carbohydrate. But the ketogenic diet for muscle gain formation is not a standard ketogenic diet but a cyclical ketogenic diet or a targeted ketogenic diet.

Using cyclical ketogenic diet for muscle formation can be done because intense exercise is needed in this diet. This diet is also widely used by athletes who want to raise their muscle mass. CKD is usually done with the method 5: 2 where for 5 days we will focus on exercises with minimal carbohydrate intake but after that, we can freely eat carbohydrates for 2 days.

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However, the implementation of this diet can also be done by 6: 1 is the exercise for 6 days and free to eat carbs for 1 day. This method can be done depending on the ability of your body. Another method of the ketogenic diet is to do a Targeted ketogenic diet which with this type of diet you are allowed to increase carbohydrate intake by 50gr per day but with the condition to do intense exercise every add carb intake.

This Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain method you can do every day or depend on the day you do exercise. So that your body will not feel exhausted too much energy when doing sports, because of the additional intake of carbohydrate which becomes an additional source of energy for your body. If you are interested in raising muscle mass in your body then you can choose to use one of these ketogenic diet methods.

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