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Ketogenic Diet Headache can also hit you! A headache or dizziness can be caused by many factors such as stress, immune weakness, or due to irregular metabolic effects due to diet. the effects of dizziness produced when we go on a diet would be very disturbing our activities, our bodies will also feel weak and have headache when doing a ketogenic diet because we reduce the levels of food and changes in the body’s metabolic system.

Ketogenic diet is kind of different than the other diet method, many of people had contra with this diet method. But here I am to explain you and get to know you correctly how the ketogenic diet should go on. It is a bad thing to have headache during your ketogenic diet, but it doesn’t mean you have the wrong one! It is a normal effect of this diet method. But you can overcome it!

The Cause of Ketogenic Diet Headache

When we go on a ketogenic diet we cut off carbohydrate consumption and replace it with fat. But did you know that the brain can only use carbohydrates as energy this is the main cause why our head will feel very dizzy when just undergoing keto diet?

Our brain will feel very surprised because of the reduced carbohydrate. Lack of your blood sugar can also spur the occurrence of a disturbing headache. In addition, we should pay attention to the amount of drinking water we drink to muffle headaches. Here are some foods that may be a source of ketogenic diet headache:

  1. Too much substance tyramine is an amino acid substance suspected as the main trigger headache that occurs in the implementation of ketogenic diet tyramine works by reducing the levels of serotonin in the brain that can affect blood vessel dilation. Here are some foods containing tyramine, among others, cheese, chocolate, and certain processed meats. Cheese is actually a food that you can consume when doing ketogenic diet due to its high-fat content is high enough.
  2. Decrease intake of coffee that has a caffeine content which is one of the addictive substances, of course, make us dependence, decreased intake of coffee due keto diet method makes us a headache because our brain usually has a spur to concentrate more with coffee.
  3. Lack of carbohydrate nutrients that cause blood sugar levels that cause the slow flow of blood in our bodies of funds lead to headaches and weakness.
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How To Cope With Ketogenic Diet Headache

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The effect that is produced when we go on a diet that causes shock the body will be a drastic diet change is a headache. We cannot underestimate the ketogenic diet headache that we experience. Headaches can trigger other things like nausea, or body weakness. A limp body will certainly hinder the work of someone who is not only harmful to themselves but also harmful to others. Therefore, here are some ways you can do to ease your dizziness.

  1. Control the feeling of stress, feeling stressed or depressed can be one of the triggers of dizziness. You should not overemphasize something or think about your diet. live your diet with a fun eat your head will feel lighter than that you can also do things that can reduce your stress and relieve headaches. You can do things like watch TV or open funny videos so you can also do activities such as playing games or other fun things so that you are entertained and the pain in your head is distracted.
  2. Consumption of foods containing calories within reasonable limits. When we go on a diet, of course, we reduce all the food intake in our body but it also needs to be considered because consuming too few calories can make our heads dizzy. reducing calorie intake in the body suddenly makes headaches and dizziness. Your body needs calories as one source of energy then we must keep the calorie intake so as not too little and can facilitate our activities. pay attention and do it slowly in reducing caloric intake so that your body can get used slowly.
  3. Drinking enough water can help you relieve headaches. Minerals needed for the body especially when we reduce all the intake of nutrients by way of diet. Intake of mineral liquids in the body will help us avoid dehydration that makes us easily dizzy. Besides useful for your brain water is also useful for our kidneys. the minimum limit for drinking an adult is 2 liters of water we must make sure that we have met the minimum limit is met.
  4. Get enough rest, the feeling of dizziness that you experience may be caused by lack of rest on your body. the number of activities and work you do can be one of the triggers of your lack of sleep plus your body is experiencing a transition or turn off energy source from carbohydrate to fat that makes your body weak. Therefore, your body should at least have quality sleep so as not too weak. Sleep can also increase your blood sugar levels so as to help relieve dizziness experienced.
  5. Do Light exercise, do not be too spoiled your body. You may be dizzy on your head due to lack of movement and slow blood circulation You can make small movements such as turning your head or stretching your hands, waist and legs so that your body is not too stiff and may be able to relieve headaches that you suffer.
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how to overcome the dizziness that you experience when doing the ketogenic diet? Make sure you always keep your body healthy and do not push the diet if your body is not in top shape. Because the effect will be worse

as a closure, Ketogenic Diet Headache Is actually can overcome by doing your well routines. Please underline this; whatever your diet method, living healthy is a must. Because as we know before diet is about how to change our bad behavior of living into a good and healthy one.

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