ketogenic diet high cholesterol, Should I worry?

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ketogenic diet high cholesterol and fat

ketogenic diet high cholesterol, how is that? As we know that ketogenic diet emphasizes the intake of foods with high fat content and low in carbohydrates. The comparison is quite far, namely 60-75% fat and carbohydrates only 5%.

Many people assume that the amount of fat to be consumed in this ketogenic diet high cholesterol causes cholesterol in the body to rise and cause clogged arteries. Unfortunately, facts prove another thing. Well, this time we will discuss the circumstances under which ‘ketogenic diet increases cholesterol’ is a good thing for your health.

In recent studies states that ketogenic diet high cholesterol and low carbohydrates can optimize cholesterol levels in the body and even improve your heart health. In addition, the study also shows about how different types of cholesterol affect the body and how ketogenic diets can be a useful tool in maintaining the strength of the cardiovascular system. This proves that when ketogenic diet increases cholesterol it is the thing that is expected for your health.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet High Cholesterol?

As we know, excessive cholesterol is not good for health. However, how can we keep cholesterol low while on a ketogenic diet?

This is also often a debate, we know that this ketogenic diet is to consume fat instead of the energy source we get from carbohydrates. This we need to explore more deeply about the danger to do the ketogenic diet? And how to keep cholesterol low while walking this diet method. Let’s discuss it more!

Cholesterol is usually avoided by most people because it is believed to be the root cause of many health problems. For example, heart disease. Many people assume that heart disease is caused by the high cholesterol. In fact, 66% of people with this disease have low cholesterol levels. What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is the fat present in the bloodstream or body cell, which is needed to form cell walls and as a raw material of some hormones. Cholesterol is originally a carrier of lipoproteins that are circulated throughout the body through the blood. This cholesterol acts as a cell regeneration agent.

From the information I collected, I found cholesterol have the 5 of types. They are low-density lipoproteins (LDL), chylomicrons, intermediate-density lipoproteins (IDL), very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL), and high-density lipoproteins (HDL). Of the five types of cholesterol, the most commonly heard are HDL and LDL.

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High-density lipoproteins (HDL) or popularly known as “good cholesterol” serves to transport cholesterol throughout the body and collect cholesterol that is not used by the cell and then bring it back to the liver for recycling or crushing. While low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or popularly known as “bad cholesterol” serves to transport cholesterol produced by the liver and cells throughout the body. LDL molecules move slowly through the bloodstream and are susceptible to oxidizing agents. Called “bad cholesterol” because of elevated levels of LDL in the body accompanies an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Relationship Of Ketogenic Diets With Cholesterol

The prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease worldwide has increased, and scientists have evaluated methods for increasing HDL cholesterol levels. Over the years, doctors have used drugs called statins to raise HDL (and lower other forms of cholesterol). But now even with a ketogenic diet, you can already increase good cholesterol levels.

Indeed, generally low carbohydrate diets tend to increase cholesterol especially increase HDL and lower triglyceride levels. But it does not need worry because this is a positive sign for one’s health. LDL also increased, but despite the increase, the ratio of LDL increase is not too high. Actually, when the body does not get food in taking, such as fastest / intermittent fasting, or dry fasting (or not eating and drinking for 24 hours) or water fasting (not eating, just drinking) the cholesterol tendency also increases. This proves that the body itself that produces cholesterol for the body’s needs naturally.

You do not have to worry because the rise in cholesterol when diet ketogenic is a natural thing. The increase is also a sign that the body is in the process of adapting to achieve ketosis conditions. After the adaptation process is complete, cholesterol will go down by itself.

Another Reason Of Increasing Fat In Ketogenic Diet High Cholesterol

After knowing the relationship between ketogenic diet and increased cholesterol, you need to know the following. High or low cholesterol levels are usually an indication of metabolic adaptation or a more complicated problem. There are several reasons related to the condition such as insulin resistance. People with insulin resistance conditions that do exist before starting ketogenic diets often produce higher total cholesterol levels after a diet. For that, you should treat the insulin resistance you experience.

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Another reason is the rapid weight loss. Increased cholesterol is very high may occur in you who lose weight quickly. This happens because the fat cells we store in adipose tissue contain high amounts of triglycerides and cholesterol. When the body begins to break down stored fats to be metabolized for energy, the cholesterol in the blood increases temporarily. Other reasons arise from conditions of HDL increase, thyroid conversion and chronic inflammation.

How is a normal cholesterol rate during a ketogenic diet? For those of you who have been on a ketogenic diet, please note the levels of cholesterol in your body. After some time on a diet, check your cholesterol levels. Normally, the total normal cholesterol is in the range 180-250 (maybe up to 300 if the LDL: HDL and triglyceride ratio: your HDL is good), HDL is in the 50-80 range, the LDL and HDL ratio is 3 to 1 or less, triglycerides: HDL 2 to 1 or less.

Well, now you already know what the relationship ketogenic diet high cholesterol between its cholesterol, don’t you?! Cholesterol is also important for the body and is not always the root of various diseases. You should be happy when ketogenic diets raise cholesterol because it’s good for your health, although the increase should be within normal limits. Let’s life healthy by controlling cholesterol!

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