Ketogenic Diet Long Term For Weight And Health

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ketogenic diet long term

Ketogenic diet long term is a method of dieting. Diet, what do you think when you first hear the word diet? Want to lose weight? Actually, diet not only serves to lose weight but diet also has a usefulness to maintain diet and health.

There are several types of diets that you can choose according to your needs such as vegan diet, mayo diet and a ketogenic diet. One type of diet that you can make a choice is Ketogenic diet long term or can be called as keto diet. In this article, we will discuss ketogenic diet

What Is A Ketogenic Diet Long Term?

A ketogenic diet is taken from the term burning process of substances done by the liver to produce the ketone which is used to be the source of human power. The process of using ketones as our body’s fuel is called the ketosis phase. In this phase, the liver will look for sources of energy that can be burned to produce energy, such as carbohydrates. However, if we have little carbohydrate content then the liver will use the fat that is owned by the body to get energy.

Our body usually we use glucose contained in carbohydrates to be a source of energy but in the purpose of this diet, we just have to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates so that our bodies will be forced to find other alternatives to be used as energy sources, namely fat. With reduced fat in our body can reduce our weight and eliminate the risk of disease that can be caused by excess fat.

Keto Diet is very popular among people now, a lot of information on the results of successful people who diet keto. However, do not get me wrong way?! Finding as much information as you can about keto dieting on the internet is a great first step, but it’s a good idea to consult your personal physician. Because not all types of food you can eat is not it?!


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Best Period of Performing a Ketogenic diet long term

In doing a diet there is a period of time you should pay attention because doing a diet in a long time has some impact that can harm our body. Therefore, keep the diet period is something you should consider in implementing the diet.

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Doing ketogenic diet is to reduce the entry of carbohydrates and sugar in our body and replace it with fat. This proves to be effective for weight loss. However, not for long-term time. Because there are some risks that can be caused if we do keto diet for a long time.

According to some ketogenic diet, experts can only be done within a maximum distance of 2 – 4 weeks or no more than one month. Due to the side effects that are produced if we do it too long. Our body also needs sugar intake to produce energy.

Fat can produce energy but our body still needs sugar to balance the body’s metabolism. In the following discussion, we will discuss what are the benefits of keto diet that you can consider as one of the choices of the type of diet that you will live.

Benefits of Conducting a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has significant benefits for weight loss. If you do it regularly and in accordance with existing rules then ketogenic diet will be very effective for you who want to lose weight. However, not only weight loss diet ketogenic has several other benefits for the health of the body. As already mentioned doing a diet is not only aimed at losing weight but also for the health of our body.

The benefits of the ketogenic diet that we get in addition to weight loss is. Overcoming heart disease, with weight loss due to burning fat used as a source of energy will keep our blood pressure so that heart performance will be lighter and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The ketogenic diet can also alleviate the development of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. With the ketogenic diet, we can also reduce the growth of tumors and cancer cells in our body. By eating foods that have low carbohydrates of course we also reduce the sugar levels in our body this can cause our blood sugar levels stable and not easy to rise so this diet can be done by some people who have diabetes. According to some studies, keto diet can also overcome Parkinson’s disease as well as diseases that occur in the central nervous system such as epilepsy. The ketogenic diet has many benefits for our body if we do ketogenic diet regularly and in accordance with the time that has been planned.

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Risks of Conducting A Ketogenic Diet Long Term


After we discuss the many benefits gained if we run the diet ketogenic eat we will also discuss some risks that will arise if we do not do keto diet according to the rules. Losing weight is a must for anyone who has weight problems but, not only because you want to lose weight we also neglect our body health so that our body becomes sick due to excessive diet.

In this discussion, we will discuss the risks that may occur if we do ketogenic diet in excess. Symptoms that will arise if doing ketogenic diet excessively is the occurrence of constipation in the long term. Another effect that can be caused is the possibility of bad cholesterol caused by the amount of fat consumed and not burned into energy. The occurrence of prolonged nausea may be one of the risks of ketogenic diet that can disrupt the digestive tract because of our unhealthy metabolism. Everyone can have different effects but if you start feeling the symptoms mentioned above then stop your ketogenic diet and immediately fix your diet so that no further damage to your digestive system. Before you go on a ketogenic diet long term you should consult a doctor or nutritionist to see if the ketogenic diet is suitable for your body or not.

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