Ketogenic Diet Lyme Disease As A Way To Treat

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ketogenic diet Lyme disease keto diet lyme disease ketogenic diet and lyme disease

Ketogenic diet Lyme disease may also harm you if you go through the wrong diet method. keto diet is famous for its ability to lose weight and cure epilepsy, heart disease, and diabetes. The following ketogenic Lyme disease is rampant in this conversation because it is the latest guide to overcome this disease. Yes, Lyme disease can be cured by dieting keto. Some people with this disease prove it. but before, do you know what Lyme disease is? And how keto diet can treat it?

Ketogenic Diet Lyme Disease Caused By Neuropathic Infection!

How is the ketogenic diet Lyme disease mechanism of treatment? True, Lyme disease is a neuropathic infection caused by bacteria of the genus Borrelia transmitted by tick bites. These bacteria are divided into four different types, namely Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia mayonii, Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii. These bacteria are carried by lice that are then transmitted to humans or animals through their bites, resulting in the emergence of Lyme disease. When infected, these bacteria will interfere with various organ systems.

Lyme disease should be treated as effectively as possible. If not, the symptoms will get worse and progress to other body parts, from stage 1 to stage 3.

The Symptoms Of Lyme Disease Are Recognizable

Lyme disease has many symptoms similar to other diseases that can sometimes be difficult to recognize. The symptoms of this disease appear slowly and gradually based on the level of development. The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Stage 1

Symptoms in stage 1 are marked by the appearance of a rash (reddish mark) that is shaped like the target image in the archery. This signals the bacteria Borrelia multiply in the blood vessels. The rash that appears in the tick bite area is generally reddish in color and then spreads and fades in the middle so that the normal skin on the inside is surrounded by redness on the outside. Such rashes are known as erythema migrans and usually appear about 1-2 weeks after being bitten by ticks. Although this is one symptom of Lyme disease, in some cases the symptoms of this rash do not appear at all.

  1. Stage 2

Symptoms in stage 2 are characterized by symptoms similar to flu such as demand, chills, fatigue, headache, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes, muscle pain, and visual impairment. This marks the bacteria Borrelia has spread throughout the body. This disease can cause complications such as meningitis, neurological disorders, or heart disease. Symptoms of stage 2 Lyme disease appear several weeks after being bitten by the nail.

  1. Stage 3
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Symptoms in stage 3 usually occur if the disease is not treated in stage 1 or 2. Symptoms include arthritis in one or more joints, short-term memory disorders, numbness in the legs and arms, mental disorders, arrhythmias, difficult to communicate, pain heavy head, encephalopathy and difficulty concentrating. This stage 3 symptom appear several weeks, months, or even years after being bitten by ticks.

Therefore, immediately recognize the symptoms to be directly addressed by the doctor. Faster treatment will be better. Treatment can be done one of them by undergoing ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet and Lyme Disease Treating Method

ketogenic diet Lyme disease ketogenic diet lyme disease

keto diet lyme disease – As mentioned earlier, Lyme disease is a neuropathic infection caused by Borrelia bacteria. This disease attacks the nervous system and causes facial paralysis, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, as well as interfere with heart function. Some researchers have identified that affected by this disease are specific nerve fibers in the nervous system, but how the mechanism of Lyme disease in attacking specific nerve fibers is still unknown.

The nervous system itself consists of many different cell types, the cells communicate with each other through a series of chemical processes and various layers of cells. One layer is composed of fatty tissue called myelin sheath. The function of this myelin sheath is as a protective layer of nerve cells and allows it to communicate with other cells. A good diet, consisting of healthy fats, can help improve the health of the brain and the sheath of myelin through a consistent supply of fats.

That’s why a high-fat, low-carbohydrate keto diet is perfect for treating Lyme disease. If the overall health of the brain is one part of the treatment of Lyme disease, then keto diet can provide special additives. Sugar can be corrosive to the body and affect the chemical and acidity of blood in the body. This makes it easier to catch a common disease, such as Candida, to live in the body and complicate the immune system’s response. So, carbohydrate restriction can be a benefit to the overall health of the body, providing an effective measure against infection.

Therefore, getting rid of sugar can reduce the corrosive effects present in the brain. The addition of healthy fats during keto diet can improve brain health. So how does this diet improve body condition to fight Lyme disease?

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Ketogenic Diet Lyme Disease and Healthy Fats Increase Gut Microbiome

Going on a keto diet requires that you consume good fats, so the microflora in your gut develops. This means that when good bacteria in the body are fed, they will reproduce and help the immune system function to reach optimal levels. A healthy immune system can reduce the risk of bacteria and microbes. So, with the keto diet, the body can deal with Lyme disease in a healthier way.

  • Reduce inflammation

The development of Lyme disease coincides with the emergence of general inflammation in the body. Healthy fats that you consume will help lower the inflammation. This can reduce many of the symptoms associated with chronic inflammation, such as joint pain, arthritis, and stiffness.

  • Address basic Lyme issues

One sign of Lyme disease is the weakness of the body’s ability to fight infection, and this can be overcome by keto diet. Going keto diet can be an optimal solution to overcome intestinal health and inflammation.

In order for Lyme disease can be cured by keto diet, you must follow the rules of eating this diet strictly. There are several menu options keto diet you can make an example, for example in the morning you can consume 2 eggs omelet with onions and cheddar cheese, plus 3 slices of bacon, cream and a cup of unsweetened tea. For lunch, you can eat a salad with olive oil, cheese, meat, peppers and some green vegetables, as well as a cup of coffee with a little extra creamy cream. Then for dinner, you can eat meat cooked with butter or cheese sauce, salad, and a handful of green vegetables. Do not forget also to consume a lot of water, at least 8 glasses per day. Sounds good, is not it? That’s ketogenic diet Lyme disease and you can try it yourself at home. Congratulations on dieting keto!

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