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Ketogenic Diet Mechanism weight loss anticonvulsant action ketosis diet mechanism

Ketogenic Diet Mechanism is always being a controversy, we have already discussed a lot about the method of ketogenic diet. In this method we use fat to be used as a main source of energy in the body. Whereas, we all know we always use carbohydrate that contains glucose to become the main source in our body.

This is not an easy thing to change the paradigm of a person to the source of energy that we already know in general than ever is carbohydrates. Now we are shown another fact that we never knew before, that in this ketogenic diet method is depending on fats as the only source of energy for our bodies. but, you need to underline my following message to keep your body from other dangerous internal diseases. Try to consume fat instead of eating bad cholesterol that can bring adverse effects for your health.

Then, how can fat become a source of energy for our body? With the general definition that fat burned into energy makes many people interested in using this diet method as a tool to lose weight. Because they think that much of the fat burned in the body will reduce weight and reduce the risk of disease that may be harmful to the body. in this time, we are discussing about ketogenic diet mechanism and how its influence on one’s body.

How Is the Proper Ketogenic Diet Mechanism?

As we know someone needs energy to do an activity. Heavy activities such as working, exercising, and playing as well as light activities, such as reading, watching and listening to music both activities still require energy to work on. Without energy we cannot do the activity well because the body is weak and not strong enough to do a job. Our body uses carbohydrates as a main source of energy. Which in the process carbohydrates that enter the body will be digested into smaller units called monosaccharides? It is this substance that is absorbed by the blood that eventually becomes glucose. If glucose is present in the body, the pancreas will automatically produce insulin to bring glucose to absorb in cells that are converted into energy. That’s how our normal mechanism when getting carbohydrates in the body.

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Then how about our ketogenic diet, it reduces the intake of carbohydrates in the body from where we get the energy? Basically, humans have 3 sources of energy, but carbohydrate is the main source of energy that we have. Other energy sources are in protein and fat, proteins can actually be broken down into glucose processed by the liver so we can use as a source of energy. Then there is fat where in this process ketogenic diet mechanism method utilizes the process to reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake in the body and replace it with fat. Basically, the use of fat as a source of energy is very rarely done because our bodies can still produce protein into glucose but the diet ketogenic we cut off carbo intake so the body was forced to use fat to be a source of energy. The fat present in the body in will be taken by the liver and then digested into the ketone used as fuel in the body.

Then what happens to our brains? As we know that the brain can only use glucose as a source of energy. So, whether our brains will be damaged if we do not consume carbohydrates and reduce glucose in the body. Apparently, the statement is not true. According to research when the amount of glucose in the body is limited then, the brain will automatically take 75% of the power source of the ketone.

In the actual ketogenic diet, we not only use fat as energy but we use fat as the main source of energy assisted by carb and protein intake. The human body still needs glucose to build up the body’s metabolism. Why does this happen? The use of this mixed fuel is due to the amount of nutrients we consume. Then another effect is the hormone insulin and glucose that directly mix food that has been consumed to be digested into energy.

That’s why our body can still work well even though carbohydrate levels in the body are reduced. Our body mechanisms are not as simple as we think. Cells in the body that works together to form the body’s source of energy helps us to survive and adapt to new types of metabolism

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Ketogenic Diet Mechanism Effect on body

How much this diet method mechanism can get us into a health way? In this discussion we will discuss more about how ketosis gives the effect of losing weight, decreased levels of fat, water, and muscle mass in the body. Many people are on a ketogenic diet to lose weight. In the ketogenic diet method, they are trying to show the amount of fat loss results in the body with loss of muscle loss.

When we apply the low consumption of carb to our bodies? Then this results in a decrease the amount of water in our bodies. This is caused by some reason, glycogen substances stored with water contained in carbohydrates. When, the carbohydrate intake is reduced, then the glycogen will decrease and the water content in the body is reduced, which results in the reduction of weight loss. Then fat loss uses of mixed energy source on ketogenic diet method make fat more used than carb and protein. Increasing the need for fatty acids and the decrease in protein decreases the number of calories in our body that result in reduced weight.

The explanation above has explained how the body metabolism process in a state ketogenic diet mechanism. We can see that our body has a very sophisticated metabolic process in which we not only have 1 source of energy but 3 sources of energy. This is what is used to reduce body weight in the body. in addition to maintaining food intake during ketogenic diet we also have to balance with the sport to accelerate weight loss.

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