Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy Safe or Not?

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Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy Safe or Not

Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy or doing a keto diet while pregnancy following other dietary methods that have recently been popular among the public. This ketogenic diet is one of the dietary methods that regulate high fat intake (75% per day) and low carbohydrate (5% per day).

Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy is proven to lose weight in a short time and provide more energy to the body. Called ketogenic diet because this diet severely limits the intake of carbohydrates, with the aim of making the body into ketosis state. Ketosis is a condition in which the liver produces ketones that will be used as the energy fuel for the whole body, especially the brain.

The lack of carbohydrates in the body makes glucose levels down. As a result, the body begins to break down the fat that is then used as a source of energy by the body. But can such a state of the body have experienced by pregnant women? Is it safe to take a ketogenic diet during pregnancy?

Some pregnant women have problems with obesity. Of course, the obese mother’s body is dangerous to the fetal state in it. Therefore, usually obese pregnant women are advised by obstetricians to perform a diet that aims to eliminate fat in the body. The ketogenic diet has become the choice of many pregnant women who want to go on a diet. But as safe as the ketogenic diet during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy

The body of pregnant women undergoes many changes, especially diet. Pregnancy usually makes a mother pay more attention to the intake of food that goes into her body than when not pregnant. Healthy and nutritious food become the main food menu that must be present at the time the mother eats. So, whether the ketogenic diet interrupts pregnancy for pregnant women and mothers who ‘want’ to get pregnant?

The answer is no! In fact, ketosis can actually help a woman to get pregnant. This diet is even recommended for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who have struggled to get pregnant (which is a common symptom of PCOS). Research shows two women with PCOS eventually become pregnant despite having previously faced conditions of not being able to get pregnant. Then what about women who have been pregnant?

Is It Safe to Do Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy?

Obesity in pregnant women will cause some problems that will certainly interfere with the fetus in the stomach. Some of these problems such as diabetes, caesarean birth, miscarriage, preeclampsia, diabetes decreased to prospective infants, shortness of breath, heart disease, obese infants, lung disorders, infants susceptible to interference (such as spinal defects, brain defects, and low IQ). For that required diet for pregnant women. Is dieting, especially ketogenic diet, is it safe?

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In fact, the ketogenic diet during pregnancy is safe to do. Ketosis is a natural part of the human body, applicable to everyone as well as pregnant women. Even pregnancy may like the condition of ketosis because pregnant women can get into ketosis condition 3 times faster than ordinary people in general. That’s because ketosis plays an important role in pregnancy. The fetal brain generates about 30% of its energy from ketones. Ketones are used by developing the fetus to produce a network of nervous systems.

Some researchers have issued a theory that says the fetus is capable of producing its own ketones during the second and third trimesters. This is because the umbilical blood sample found has a higher ketone concentration than the mother’s blood sample. During the last trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women’s metabolism shifts to a catabolic state (molecular breakdown), which means that ketosis conditions are more common. Loss of appetite and nausea will reduce the frequency and amount of food intake in pregnant women, which makes it easier to enter into ketosis.

Although this ketogenic diet is safe during pregnancy, pregnant women should consult with a doctor about the need to undergo this diet and how the advice given by the doctor. This is important because it is feared the mother has a different body condition and will disrupt the condition and growth of the fetus, so it is not recommended to do this diet.

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The Importance Of ‘Real Food’ In Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy

Generally, when a ketogenic diet should consume intake that contains high fat and low carbohydrates such as meat, dairy products, nuts, seeds, fruits, green vegetables. But for pregnant women do not need to force themselves into the Zone Keto because conditions that are pregnant to help the body more easily enter ketosis conditions.

Simply avoid just consuming processed grains, sweet foods, and oxidized oils, pregnant women can eat solid foods with low carbohydrates. This is good for the mother’s health and fetal development. Some essential nutrients to be gained include essential fatty acids (especially DHA), minerals, essential amino acids (such as potassium magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine, zinc, and vitamins (A, B, D, E, and K).

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Prevention of ketogenic diet during pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, ketogenic diets can be lived by pregnant women who have obesity problems and want to lose body fat. However, there must still be a concern because the conditions of pregnant women are different from ordinary people in general. Of course, this is for the health of the fetus in order to avoid interference. Here are some things to watch out for when ketogenic diet in pregnant women.

  1. Do not make weight loss as the goal of doing this diet. Remember that in a state of pregnancy, weight loss is not something that should be done, although in normal people this diet is very effective to lose weight. Fetal health in the womb is the most important, it must be considered the intake of calories and balanced nutrition.
  2. Do not do intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasts are beneficial for normal people in general, but not for pregnant mothers. Once again, the fetus in the womb should be given calorie intake and healthy nutrition for the growth period.
  3. Do light exercise such as walking, cleaning the house, or swimming. This activity will help burn more calories and increase body fitness in pregnant women.

Thus, information about ketogenic diet during pregnancy (Ketogenic Diet Pregnancy) For those of you who want to undergo this diet, keep in mind the health of yourself and your fetus yes. If your pregnancy is not a problem, it is better not to diet because weight gain during pregnancy is appropriate. Do a diet when you do have problems in your pregnancy and it is recommended by obstetricians to go on a diet. If you are healthy, your fetus is healthy too!

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