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ketogenic diet resource is very important! Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to your health in the future. The healthy lifestyle can be done in various ways, the most often done is to diet. Diet can help you lose weight and prevent or even cure many diseases that may suffer. One of the most popular dietary methods among Indonesians is ketogenic or keto diets, where dietary sources of ketogenic diets come from high fat and moderate protein, and low in carbohydrates.

ketogenic diet resource, of course, it comes from ‘whole’ and healthy food. This diet is perfect for you who want to lose weight quickly. This, of course, has been proven by a lot of research and many people have managed to do it. For those of you who do not know what the ketogenic diet is, let’s read the explanation below until finished.

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

Diet keto is a diet method that emphasizes the intake of foods low in carbohydrates but high in fat. For those of you who do not know may wonder, why should consume fat when it makes weight rise is the fat itself? If so, you should change your mind set about fat. There are many factors that make your weight increase, not just from fat intake. In ketogenic diet, the fat intake will actually help you lose weight quickly.

Solid fat with calories. Eating foods with high fat will make you feel longer satiety, so it can suppress the appetite. You may feel eating 1-2 times a day is enough. You can still consume carbohydrates but in very small amounts. This method is well known for rapidly losing weight.

The low amount of carbohydrates that enter makes the body enter ketosis conditions and change the way the body in using energy. Since there are not many carbohydrates in the body, the need for protein breakdowns for sugar decreases and the use of fat and ketones as a source of energy fuel increases. Another benefit of following this diet is that you can treat some diseases such as heart disease, seizures/epilepsy, brain injury, acne, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes.

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The ketogenic diet can not only lose weight but also to treat epilepsy, heart disease, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and diabetes. So many benefits you can get, right?

Ketogenic Diet Resource Recommendations

As we know that keto diet has a method other than the other, namely by replacing our energy source of carbohydrates are replaced with fat. But no careless fat that can bring this diet method really works! There are some recommendations from me, of course after I gather information from here and there.

The ketogenic diet requires that you eat foods with a ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. The recommended diet is of course a high fat diet consisting of fat (saturated fat, MCT oil, olive oil, linseed oil, macadamia, avocado oil, butter, lard, chicken fat), protein (meat, animal eggs, egg yolks, fish), green vegetables, avocados, snacks (boiled eggs, salad with home dressing, avocado with smoked salmon, minced meat wrapped lettuce), condiments (apple vinegar, unsweetened mustard, spicy sauce, spices), water, unsweetened coffee and tea.

There are also some foods that occasionally may be consumed such as high-fat milk (high-fat, high-fat cow and goat milk), medium-flour vegetables, seeds (chia seed, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) nuts (beans, beans, cashews, red beans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachio), berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries), snack (smoothie protein, olives, peanut butter, handful of nuts), tomatoes without sugar, sour cream, mustard, spicy sauce, soy sauce, salad spice, pickles), fresh fruit and vegetable juices, water with lemon or lime juice.

Prohibited Ketogenic Diet Resource

Since this is a low-carb diet, of course, all you have to avoid is sugar (any kind of sugar, syrup, honey), containing flour (oats, rice, wheat, pasta, quinoa, corn, all flour products), processed foods (crackers, chips, pretzels, all kinds of candies, all kinds of cakes, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, cereals), sweet and calorie drinks (soda, alcohol, coffee and sweet tea, milk and sweet milk products, sweetened fruit juice).

The point is, you must avoid foods high in carbohydrates and sugar. If not, your body will not go into ketosis condition. If you really like sweet foods, the foods above may be difficult to leave. However, you can do it if you try. This ketogenic diet will also work if you have a strong intention to do so.

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Designing diet keto diet for morning, afternoon, and evening

If you want to start a ketogenic diet, the menu below may help you. Those menus do not have to follow exactly. You can combine other foods as well (of course the foods recommended in ketogenic diets yes!). Do not forget to always pay attention to the ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to the food you eat.

Here are the menu you can follow:

1) Menu 1

Breakfast: You can eat bacon, eggs, and tomatoes.

Lunch: Consumption of quinoa and sweet potato cake, salad with fat-free sauce.

Dinner: Eat pieces of meat with parmesan cheese, broccoli and salad.

2) Menu 2

Breakfast: You can consume omelet with avocado, salsa, pepper, onion and spices.

Lunch: Consumption of grilled chicken breast with butter or margarine and seasoned with spices.

Dinner: You can eat beef or chicken steak and fried egg with little green vegetables.

3) Menu 3

Breakfast: Bacon and fried egg wrapped in butter or margarine.

Lunch: Consume ham and slices of cheese with beans.

Dinner: Burgers without sweetbreads with bacon, eggs, and cheese.

How, you are interested in starting this ketogenic diet? It is not difficult to go on this diet if you do have a strong intention. You can also consult a nutritionist about the appropriate ketogenic diet resource for you and ask for good menu suggestions. Do not forget also to do regular exercise every day to achieve maximum results.

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