Ketogenic Diet Side Effects that You Could Take Note

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Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects also often reap the controversy. If in my opinion, people just do not know that not all fats are bad and bad for health. In fact, our body actually needs fat. For example, fat can be made as a source of the growth of body cells, absorb vitamins, hormonal problems, skin health and also support other body health.

In this case, for example in terms of ketogenic diet, fat also has a big role. In the ketogenic diet, fat serves as a substitute for carbohydrates which is intended to make energy that we can use every day. In doing a diet there are certainly some side effects that can be beneficial or harmful to your body.

But the effect this happens usually depends on how your body condition and how you run the diet. Diet is not intended to increase the disease in your adults body but is intended to keep your body healthy by watching the intake of food that enters your body when you do bodybuilding. but on the implementation of yes sometimes the diet method has a negative effect that makes you feel annoyed because of it.

It’s good before going on a diet, you should further research your own body, do a little research and consultation to a nutrition doctor or by reading the information on the internet it’s also enough. This effect usually occurs because your body is not familiar with the new diet and is adjusting to being able to accept your new diet.

If the side effects are sustained then, you should stop and restore your normal diet so that no unwanted things happen to your body. You can do other dietary methods that may be compatible with your metabolism.

There are many types of diet methods you can do besides ketogenic methods. You can choose it according to your body needs. Do not do ketogenic diet just because you see the number of successful people in doing this diet. Because your body with the body of another person is a different body then than that before you go on a diet you should consult a doctor to see what diet method is most suitable for your body. in this article, we will discuss ketogenic diet side effects where in this discussion we will discuss further causes of these effects occur in the body.

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Ketogenic Diet Side Effects Positive

We may have heard a lot about the bad ketogenic diet side effects produced by the ketogenic diet method. You do not feel worried because of it; ketogenic diet also has positive side effects that are very useful for your body in addition to losing weight.

  1. Will not be easy to feel hungry, if we used to eat carbohydrate even though we have been eating usually we will still feel hungry so we will look for food or other snacks that make us feel full. This certainly makes our weight continues to grow as well as fat to accumulate because carbohydrates burning energy quickly so we will easily feel hungry despite eating. Another case with people who implement ketogenic diet, we will feel full longer because the process of burning fat in the body takes a little longer. With the main concept of making fat as energy then the diet will be very effective in losing weight and eliminate fat in your body.
  2. Can help manage diabetes type2, ketogenic diet away from foods with high sugar content, this diet is perfect for people with diabetes type2 to overcome the diet.
  3. Prevent the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease, according to a study note that ketogenic diet has a neurotropic benefit that can prevent the occurrence of Parkinson’s. This diet can also increase brain awareness and cognitive function in children.
  4. Prevention of cancer in the body, there is a trial that has just been done on the menu consumed on the ketogenic diet can lead to cancer cells experience oxidative stress. But great this does not affect anything on normal cells.

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Ketogenic Diet Side Effects Negative

After seeing how positive ketogenic diet side effects. We cannot say that ketogenic diets are harmful and not beneficial to the body although there are effects that may be a bit disturbing to our body. some of the adverse effects when we undergo a method of the ketogenic diet are:

  1. Decreased appetite, this effect occurs because the fat burning so that we will feel full for a long time, but this effect becomes bad because the energy we have will not be as much energy we usually get from carbohydrate consumption so we will feel weak even though we not feeling hungry.
  2. The irregular effects of menstruation are due to changes in the body’s metabolism that causes our hormones slightly disturbed and cause irregular menstrual circulation.
  3. Effects of the mood that changes, due to the hormones that are not erratic than the mood that will be slightly disturbed due to body weakness, and dizziness experienced by the effects of body adjustments make our mood will be very irregular and seem to become irritable.
  4. Feeling of nausea accompanied by vomiting, this happens because the period of your body adjustment ketone resulting from burned fat will fill the blood flow that causes you feel nausea and vomiting. This, of course, makes your metabolism disturbed and affect your health.
  5. defecate disrupted, due to the concept possessed by ketogenic diet method in which we must reduce the intake of sugar even fruits of our body certainly do not have fiber intake as well as reduced body fluids that result in dehydration. Therefore, our digestion will be disturbed and cause a defecation of defecation that will interfere with our comfort.
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After knowing about the positive effects and the negative ketogenic diet side effects that you get from using the ketogenic diet method, are you going to make this ketogenic diet the preferred diet method? Or will you look for other dietary methods? Think carefully and consult your dietary intentions in order to get the best diet method for your body.

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