Ketogenic Diet Vitamins and Minerals needs

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Ketogenic Diet Vitamins and Minerals

Ketogenic Diet Vitamins and Minerals needs in the body is needed for everyone. If we do not consume vitamins and minerals then it will harmful side effects for our bodies. Therefore, we must balance the intake of vitamins and minerals in the body so that the body is not lack of vitamins and minerals. But how do we get vitamins and minerals? Fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are foods with high levels of vitamins and minerals. But the content in the fruit has a higher vitamin than fruit. Lots of types of fruit with various types of vitamins that we need to meet the needs of our body vitamins. Therefore, we should consume a lot of fruit, but how where we are running ketogenic diet?

Although as we know that ketogenic diet method is to change the fat to be our only source of energy, but do not forget that this body still requires adequate intake of vitamins and minerals for the sustainability of good body metabolism.

In the ketogenic method of diet, we are not supposed to eat vegetables and fruits that can decompose into glucose in the body. There are many vegetables you can consume spinach and all green vegetables. As for fruits, make avocado is recommended as healthy dishes in ketogenic diet menu. you can take the other fruits with sugar contained, but not in large quantities. I still do it sometimes if I get bored.

As we know, in this diet method we are prohibited to consume fruit due to the sugar content that can damage the process of this diet. Ketogenic diet uses a low carb diet which we must reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrate intake in our body. Fruits contain a lot of sugar in it therefore the consumption of fruits is strictly prohibited on this diet method. Then, what will happen if we consume fruit? Lack of vitamin intake will certainly damage our body so we must keep the intake of vitamins in order to keep the body healthy. In this discussion it will discuss more about ketogenic diet vitamins and minerals.

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Ketogenic Diet Vitamins and Minerals Deficiency

As we know the balance of vitamins and minerals intake should be maintained so that the body can stay healthy and maintain the balance of nutrition in it if we lack vitamin intake then the effect will be very dangerous. Lots of types of vitamins and minerals are good for the body. the types of vitamins that we often hear are vitamins A, C, D, K, B, B2, B6, B12, and vitamin E. For the types of minerals, we usually hear, chloride, calcium potassium, phosphate, magnesium, zinc, iron, and iodine. But we still get mineral intake on vegetable consumption. The following effects that may arise if we are deficient in ketogenic diet vitamins and minerals:

  1. Vitamin A deficiency, vitamin A is a vitamin that has an important role in our body especially, the eyes. If we lack of vitamin A then most likely our eyes will be easy get blindness.
  2. Vitamin D is needed for the growth process of a person, especially in children. If we lack the consumption of these vitamins then we will experience muscle spasms or less normal growth of bone in the body.
  3. Vitamin E, vitamin E deficiency is very dangerous for the body because it can cause rupture of red blood vessel cells, as well as damage to the body.
  4. Vitamin K, no good side effects if we consume less vitamin. Existing effects will be very dangerous as vitamin K deficiency can make us experience bleeding.
  5. Vitamin B, intake of vitamin B in the body is needed to prevent beriberi disease and the occurrence of heart failure and impaired neural function in our body
  6. Vitamin B2 has a very good effect for the skin, so if we lack this vitamin then our skin will become dry and experience chapped lips.
  7. Vitamin B6 and B12, if we get less intake of this vitamin, it can cause anemia and nerve and skin nerves.
  8. Vitamin C intake of vitamin C in the body is needed so that no weakening of the immune system that can lead to bleeding and inflammation of the gums.
  9. Calcium, the thing that will happen if we experience this substance deficiency is lack bone growth, and slow blood clotting if we are injured
  10. Biotin and Niacin deficiency of these two substances can adversely affect our skin.
  11. Folic acid, this one mineral substance can make red blood cells in your body is reduced.
  12. Iron, if we do not have enough intake it will lead to anemia and can damage brain development.
  13. Iodine, lack of iodine intake can result in enlargement of the thyroid gland, abnormal fetal growth, and deafness and mute.
  14. Potassium, chronic diarrhea and vomiting will occur in our body if we consume less of this substance.
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The Importance of Ketogenic Diet Vitamins and Minerals

Please take noticed on this paragraph, if we are on a ketogenic diet then the source of vitamin and mineral intake in the body will be reduced. We do not want the side effects we have discussed above experienced by our bodies. therefore, to meet the intake of vitamins and minerals in the body then we can consume supplements in the form of vitamins that we can buy in pharmacies to meet the needs and balance of vitamins in our bodies.

we can buy the intake of vitamins that we can consume when doing ketogenic diet and do not disturb the method of ketogenic diet. Usually supplements of vitamin supplements do not have a taste and contain sugar then than that we do not have to worry will destroy the method of ketogenic diet and keep the balance of ketogenic diet vitamins and minerals intake in our body. Running a healthy diet is important for the body to keep the body healthy and we can continue to implement the diet we want.

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