Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Recipes You Can Try at Home

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Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Recipes are one of good ketogenic diet food. You can also make it by yourself. This diet menu has even been suggested in various treatments, but the difference is in the diet Mediterranean diet, we can only allow eating low fat food. Still cannot eat carbohydrates, this diet is still the same as ketogenic diet in general but the difference is only a smaller fat content that we may consume in this diet.

At first glance after reading the definition of Mediterranean diet, I also feel diet is the best diet. Because of course, it is healthier for the body. But keep in mind, there is no consumption of fat as much ketogenic diet, then your body will also have a different metabolism. Let’s find out more about how this diet Mediterranean works for your diet success!

Many dietary methods are created to balance a person’s body abilities because not everyone can adapt to a diet method. This is the beginning of the development of dietary methods. The development of a diet method is usually done by modifying the existing diet method and combining it with something new and making the method easier to do.

Or implemented by others, one example of the development of the diet method is the ketogenic Mediterranean diet which on this diet method, the ketogenic diet that we usually run will feel slightly different. The purpose and side effects will be different from those experienced in the standard ketogenic diet. to know and know about this new diet method we will discuss more deeply ketogenic Mediterranean diet recipes.

How is Mediterranean ketogenic diet?

The main concept in the ketogenic diet is the consumption of much fat than consume carbohydrates. In the ketogenic method, we consume a lot of meat to get fat that serves as an energy source on the ketogenic diet.

The intake of nuts, nuts, eggs, cheese, milk and foods with high-fat content is recommended. But the consumption of fruits on the ketogenic diet is limited so that only berries and avocados can be consumed freely in a ketogenic diet.

Then what will be changed by this diet method? before talking about the combination of ketogenic diet and the Mediterranean diet we will also introduce the concept of the Mediterranean diet first. The concept of this diet actually has a really inversely proportional thing to the ketogenic diet.

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Which in the diet method they can consume wheat, fruit, pasta, and foods that we cannot normally consume when running ketogenic diet. In running ketogenic diet, we are not advised to carry out the diet for a long time due to side effects that may be harmful to the body. but with a combination of Mediterranean ketogenic diet then we can continue to carry out the diet as long as we want without worrying about the side effects it has. If we usually feel hunger, dizziness and nausea while running ketogenic diet then there is no need to worry anymore about side effects, because on the Mediterranean diet ketogenic diet we will not worry about starvation, dizziness effects and other effects caused on the standard ketogenic diet. then how does Mediterranean ketogenic diet work?

The main concept of this diet is to adjust the carb intake as well as remain a low carb diet without the side effects of low carb diet. Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet using olive oil, red wine, fish and vegetable. For the main fat intake, we get from olive oil and red wine. Then for our protein, we can get of fish. With the main carb intake from the vegetables. With 3 main menus offered by Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet, we can lose our weight surprisingly.

The consumption of red meat in the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet method is prohibited. However, consumption such as milk, cheese and tell is still allowed on this diet method. For the results offered by the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet method has healthier results when compared with the usual standard ketogenic diet because fat intake on this diet method is considered healthier than the usual ketogenic diet. This diet can be applied to a person limiting the intake of red meat or less red meat as the main consumption. Let’s know some ketogenic Mediterranean diet recipes


Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Try

If you have a little confusion to finish the food menu you consume during the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet. here are some ketogenic Mediterranean diet recipes that could be your choice to be your food.

  1. Chicken skillet, this menu takes only 20 minutes to cook, the material used is, extra virgin olive oil, chicken breast, seasoning Greek, sea salt, minced garlic, yellow onion, cherry’s tomato, artichoke heart, lemon juice, sliced lemon, Kalamata olive, spinach, button mushroom, and basil. First, you must sauté the chicken using olive oil until the colour turns golden and then sprinkle all the spices according to your taste. separate the chicken and sauté the onion until fragrant and mix vegetable input until it becomes slightly wilted and input the basil pieces to add the aroma. After that mix, back the chicken that has been cooked before mixed and poured with a little lemon juice and olive oil. You can keep it in the refrigerator and it can last up to 4 days.
  2. Cauliflower salad with halloumi, the main ingredients used are of course cauliflower, red onion, garlic, virgin coconut oil, red pesto, dried oregano, sun-dried tomatoes, paprika, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, halloumi and salt and pepper. Cut a cauliflower then input on a chopped processor, crush until sized like rice. Enter the cauliflower-rice into panic and add a little water and then heat until the cauliflower texture becomes slightly soft. After that drain and squeeze the water in the cauliflower, set aside. Sauté the cauliflower using coconut oil and put the whole seasoning except halloumi. Stir until blended and do not forget to give a spice that is not too much because the taste of halloumi is salty. For halloumi, you can fry it using olive oil. When it’s done blend and eat together.
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