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Losing Inches but Not Weight? Bodybuilding Focus Strengthen Body Muscles With Bodybuilding! The establishment of many special places for activities such as gyms. It can be recognized as increasing people’s interest in living healthier lives. Even those places are now easily found in shopping centers such as malls.

Generally, sports that are identical to the place are fitness. weight lifting sports activities with the aim of making the body become healthier, fitter and have an ideal shape. As time goes on, sports activities that try out in similar places. They are increasingly known as one of the bodybuilding. Unlike fitness, bodybuilding is more focused on strengthening and forming muscles. It’s no wonder that many people, especially men, choose losing inches but not weight with a focus on muscular organs.

losing inches but not weight

Losing Inches but Not Weight Bodybuilding Becomes More Popular

Maybe not a few of you have the goal of losing weight and getting the ideal body shape when participating in fitness activities. But losing inches but not weight? Maybe not a few also think that participating in fitness activities can form the muscles in the body so that the body looks stronger and stronger. It should be understood, the purpose of fitness and bodybuilding activities is different even though using the same sports equipment. Have you ever seen a big and strong muscular man? Most of them usually take part in bodybuilding activities, not just fitness.

Bodybuilding is actually created earlier than fitness, but fitness, which is more focused on health, weight loss, and bodybuilding, was popular in the community. The main purpose of bodybuilding is to focus on forming muscles, making them stronger, also building them. So basically this activity intense more for those who take part in the competition.

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The more popular, bodybuilding is now a sporting choice that many men today take to have a dashing and muscular appearance. Not getting a healthy body, but also healthy muscles that are very ‘quirky’ from the look.

Losing Inches but Not Weight Bodybuilding Encourages Muscle to Work Maximum

Because the main purpose of the formation is to make the muscles significantly stronger, it is very unlikely that you will experience significant weight loss. Because, to build muscle, the body needs enough calories, especially protein intake which helps strengthen muscles the most. It can be said, joining a bodybuilding program is the same as getting the ideal body shape by not making weight loss the main goal, but achieving the main goal of improving the quality of the muscle organs in the body, lifting weights to the point of failure. Then do ‘recovery’ with a series of exercises to encourage the muscles to work more optimally than before.

So, it’s very normal to experience losing inches but not weight because it’s not a focus on weight loss. This is also the reason why obese sufferers must first consult experts when they wish to join a bodybuilding program.

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