Losing Inches but not Weight Keto? Fails Diet Trend

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Losing inches but not weight keto? Have a Keto Diet, But Don’t Get Many Changes? In the past year, a diet trend has been chosen by some as an effort to lose weight. The trend is the Keto Diet or the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and focuses on increasing fat intake.

Losing Inches but not Weight Keto

Unfortunately, many of those who have carried out this diet have problems with losing inches but not weight keto causing dissatisfaction, some even feel like failing and wanting to give up. Actually, naturally or not when running a diet like a keto diet but the results are not so pronounced, especially in terms of weight numbers? What is the reason? Following is a brief review.

Losing Inches But Not Weight Keto Is Normal

Maybe you were one of those who felt it, underwent a keto diet and then felt that body size was shrinking but the weight didn’t decrease as expected in keto diet activities, it turns out that this is normal. Especially if it is indeed too high weight from the ideal weight. There are several related reasons including:

Changes in Body Composition and Muscle Formation

Keto diet is a diet that focuses on giving fatter intake to the body to replace blood sugar, so that fat will be destroyed to create the body’s energy. Now, one reason why body size feels smaller, but body weight is not due to changes in body composition and then muscle formation. This often happens especially if you are undergoing regular muscle building exercises.

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Hormone Factors

The reason for losing inches but not the next keto weight is due to hormonal changes. Especially for women, running a diet program will definitely affect the condition of hormones in the body. So that diet activities can interfere with the stability of hormones that trigger weight stability. So many health experts recommend avoiding a diet in the week leading up to the date of menstruation and after menstruation.

Inflammation, Allergies and Other Diseases Occur

Finally, the reason why diets do not give maximum results is that there is an unconscious inflammation in the body that is not so noticeable. Besides that, it can also be due to allergies that you don’t even realize arise in the body. The existence of diseases related to the antibody system and metabolic system could be the reason for the unsuccessful diet program.

Losing Inches But Not Weight Keto Solution

Then, how to overcome it? Consult your doctor if you feel symptoms that begin to interfere with daily activities. Such as a persistent headache, fever, and other more severe symptoms. The first step that can also be done is to stop first from diet activities. Eat healthier intake and meet the need to stabilize the body’s condition again. Don’t forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and a light exercise routine every day.

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