Losing Inches but Not Weight Keto Tips from Diet Consultant

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Losing inches but not weight keto? This is happening in me. What should i do? I follow my friend instruction. He is a diet consultant. I mean he is one of a popular mentor of dieting method near my neighborhood at Seattle. I follow his instruction to eat healthy with the ketogenic diet menu plan.

losing inches but not weight keto

In this diet menu, we are not allowed to consume any carbs. It because we need to change our metabolism system first. Which is, we should burn the fat to get energy. So, we eat only fat. But my friend told me to eat healthy fat.

Losing Inches but Not Weight Keto – Changing Menu Plan!

Here I will share how my ketogenic menu plan goes on.

5 Types of Food Good for Your Keto Diet Program

Foods for diet will provide alternative foods that support diet programs while still meeting the elements of balanced nutrition.

Foods for diet need to be consumed for those who want to get the most out of their diet. Your diet program will be useless if you pay no attention to the type of food you eat.

  1. Sea fish

Consuming sea fish will provide high protein intake and other bodybuilding minerals which will help the growth of cells in the body. The calorie content in sea fish is low, so it is safe to consume for those of you who are on a diet program. You can choose salmon as an alternative food for diet.

  1. Egg white

Egg whites also have low-calorie content and high protein content. And you should avoid consuming egg yolks when you are on a diet program because of the relatively high-calorie content.

  1. Nuts
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Nuts have a high content of vitamin D and calcium, so they can strengthen bones and teeth. However, the calorie content of nuts is relatively low. This makes nuts good for consumption for those of you who are on a diet.

  1. Tubers

The next type of food for diet is tubers. The relatively small amount of carbohydrates and calories in tubers can make it a substitute for rice.

  1. Vegetables and fresh fruits

There is no doubt that fresh vegetables and fruits have tremendous benefits for those of you who are on a diet. Fruits that can be selected include tomatoes and bananas. The high content of vitamin C in both fruits is very good for the immune system. As well as adequate carbohydrate content in bananas can provide energy while delaying hunger. For vegetable choices, you can try cucumbers or broccoli. High water content and other minerals found in these vegetables are very suitable for those of you who are on a diet.

Those are some foods that will support the diet program that you do. It will be very good if you start a diet program by consuming food for your diet.

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