Losing Inches But Not Weight Or Body Fat? Maybe This Is The Reason!

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Losing inches but not weight or body fat – Deciding to go on a diet program with discipline is not easy. Requires a lot of sacrifices. Even the side effects of a routine diet that is quite strict are very possible to change the level of productivity and easily increase one’s mood. Will make the mental condition “down” because it gets less than optimal results when it has everything in order to launch a diet program.

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Losing Inches but Not Weight or Body Fat is it Normal?

Like losing inches, but not weight or body fat, which is not a significant result. For dieters, getting maximum results with significant changes is the fruit of the process. Then, what if the result is not so? Even the closest people are not aware of changes in the body?

One way to deal with this problem is to stay calm and not give up immediately. Losing a few ‘inch on the size of body parts without accompanying weight loss so that the display does not change significantly is normal. Most dieters claim to experience it when beginning a diet program or a diet program lasts quite a long time.

Two reasons are the first, the body is still adapted and more focused on forming muscles when the diet starts. The second reason, when you have long been on a diet or diet has been going on for a long time, the body is used to the habits that you do, such as getting used to the number of calories and intake that enters the body, and getting used to how many calories are burned each day. So that these two reasons make the results of a diet program not optimal.

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How to Deal with Losing Inches but Not Weight or Body Fat

The most appropriate step to overcome this problem is to understand what actually the function of a diet program is and change the perspective of the goals of a diet program. Diet is not just about losing weight, you need to change your mind that the decrease in the number of scales is not a benchmark. Know that there are many people who experience weight loss but in terms of appearance is not very visible, especially they do not have a special desire to lose weight. Many of them are also unaware of the reason for the weight loss.

When you understand more about a diet program that is not based on reducing the number of scales, you will more easily accept all the results of the diet that has been lived. Continue to stay consistent and not stop doing it. You can change the way or type of diet if you need a variety of diets. Everyone’s metabolic system is different, this is also a reason why everyone’s diet results are different. Believe me, the shape of the body that feels smaller and stronger will give us a fresher look. No problem if you lose inches but not weight or fat on the diet program, just keep it and stay healthy!

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