Losing Inches But Not Weight? Routine Walking Can Help You!

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Losing inches but not weight walking – Diet is not about weight loss alone. Diet is also about how we can get an ideal body shape and health. Many diet programs trigger health problems. If you think only on weight loss, this is the wrong thing! Having excess weight to obesity is a familiar problem.

losing inches but not weight

How to Losing Inches but Not Weight with Walking Everyday

Plus the current lifestyle that is increasingly approaching unhealthy lifestyles. Ever thought about losing inches but not weight walking without strenuous exercise? Or have a weight problem that feels ‘stuck’? This is usually due to a diet that is not right and ignores the burning of calories? The purpose of someone on a different diet, there are those who want to lose weight while forming the body, there are also those who want to shape the body and get a more fit body.

If you have a goal to go on a diet to shape your body and have a more fit body, you have to follow this way! Managing your diet and trying light exercise every day can be the most appropriate way. Diets like this are suitable for owners of excess weight with numbers that are not so far from the numbers that should be.

But that does not mean it cannot be tried by obese people. Because generally in the success of the diet, setting the pattern to be the main character, sports are supporting actors.

Tips for Losing Inches but Not Weight with Walking

Light exercise can be of various types. Starting from floor gymnastics. Do movements that focus on shrinking the stomach and thighs. Or just on foot. Yes, walking with the right steps can help make the diet successful. You don’t need to do strenuous exercise which requires preparing a special time and conditions that are really excellent. Walking every day is a very easy way to burn calories. Here is a series of tips for walking activities can help to succeed in the diet.

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  1. Try at least 15,000 steps every day.
  2. Walk 3 times a day with a minimum duration of 15-20 minutes.
  3. Take a more uphill road.
  4. Vary the steps when walking. Set the break time 1-2 meni.t
  5. Do light exercise as a supporter. You can continue with sit-ups and push-ups at the beginning or end of the walk.
  6. Listen to music while walking so as not to get bored quickly and be more focused.
  7. Drink enough water to control body fluids.
  8. Avoid eating right after walking.
  9. Do it smart? For example, walking when leaving or returning from work, walking when going to the supermarket, and others.

You can invite friends or relatives so losing inches but not weight walking is more fun. Walking can be done anytime, either in the morning or at night when finished with all activities.

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